Hilary Peer

Breaking the cycle

I have often wondered how such evil is possible, how is it that babies can be murdered in their cribs, people burnt alive in their homes, parents taken away from their families, girls and women brutally abused and raped.

But then I remember that this has happened countless times before, whether its for land, greed, power or because of pure hatred.  People have done wicked things to others beacuse of the strong power of hate. The overwhelming feeling of having power over people, that you are the better one, the right one, the stronger one or because someone has something you want.

Children fight over toys and grown ups fight over bigger toys, we squabble about who helps out in the house, and who should take care of our parents, we fight with our kids, argue with our colleagues, shout at the crazy driver, get angry if we wait too long in a queue.

But where does the evil come from, and can we do anything about it? Yes, there are those that suffer from mental illness, but I’m not talking about these people I’m talking about terrorists and so called civilians that rampaged whole villages and murdered over 1,200 people, then they cheered and celebrated when Israeli hostages were brought into Gaza.

These people have been taught all their lives that Israel is the enemy, that every Jew should be murdered, that Zionism is Nazism. School books have math problems with adding and subtracting the number of dead Jews. Teachers are members of terrorist organisations, hospitals are used for storing weapons and hiding hostages.

Is there any hope left? How can we break this cycle, how do we live side by side with a people that want to destroy us. How can anyone even suggest a two state soloution? These people hate us, they want us destroyed. How many generations will it take before we can even begin to dream of peace.

As for the rest of the world I feel sorry for you, with your stupid slogans and your flags. You have no idea what’s coming and you are blind to the truth. History has proven time and time again that the Jewish people will never give up.

And even though we have been through so much and suffered the worst atrocities of human kind, our love and spirit is stronger than your hate.

עם ישראל חי

About the Author
I am British born and attended Jewish primary and secondary schools. My whole life I have been a passionate zionist and made aliyah in 2002. I met my husband and we have two lovely daughters. After living in Israel for almost twenty years, in 2018 we decided to move to England I am a childcare professional and have my own childminding business, as well as being an educator at the Reform synagogue. Along with my husband we run an ‘Israel in Focus” group and run events for our community. I believe that Jewish education must be inclusive, and it is vital we show our children to be proud of who they are. We have to raise awareness, teach history, show them how much they can achieve. Teach them the history of Israel, about our warriors, and our achievement's.