Bridal fashion: Women are saying yes to Israeli designed dresses

The wedding is the one time when women get to experience custom clothing and enjoy the best of the best. It is the day when they can show the world, in particular the groom, how special they are. Brides-to-be imagine themselves walking down the aisle in the perfect bridal gown. Finding the perfect wedding dress is a long process and it certainly is not easy. It is paramount that the dress worn by the bride comes from a praiseworthy designer with an astounding collection and a glorious brand. Wedding gowns by Israeli designers offer modern brides the opportunity to be courageous and embrace their feminine side. Israeli designers are some of the best wedding designers to take into account when starting to look around. The number of women opting for Israeli-designed wedding dresses continues to rise. You might want to consider joining the white wedding craze.

Every bride-to-be wants an Israeli-designed bridal gown

Whether the aesthetic is classic, fresh or bohemian, there is something for every taste. At present, bridal fashion is accessible at your fingertips. Online fashion is booming to the detriment of high street stores. It is impossible to lose the fight against the Internet. Dedicated fashion websites like JJ‘s House offer not only prices that you cannot refuse, but also celebrity style. In the last couple of years, the world has seen the rise of ingenious designers from Israel. It is interesting to note that Israel is not merely a place for history and culture. People have the chance to experience one-of-a-kind pieces from top fashion designers like Alon Livné. When it comes down to talent, there is no such thing as geographical boundaries. A bride-to-be that is looking for a gown that is truly the one can surely find the perfect fit.

As mentioned previously, more and more women choose to wear special dresses made by Israeli designers on the big day. It seems that women do not want traditional satin ball gowns, no matter if they get a modern makeover. Women who are soon to be married have a preference for clothing that has a modern vintage look with embellishment. Israeli designers are capable of making gorgeous, breath-taking wedding dresses. Their creations do not require reservation years in advance, which is even more impressive. Admiration quickly transforms into adoration. The daring and unconventional design is what helps future brides achieve that wow moment.

Israeli fashion label clothes assist with creating a community for women. They remind women that they are part of something bigger. Fashion designers are thrilled that women are willing to wear their creations and they are proud that they are labeled” Made in Israel”. Designers have their studios in Israel, yet that does not mean that they are not willing to provide boutiques from all corners of the globe haute couture and prêt-à-porter garments. As far as customers are concerned, they are not at all hesitant. They want the looks brought over from Israel.

3 Israeli wedding dress designers you need to put on the spotlight

1. Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav set the foundation for the Galia Lahav House of Couture back in 1984. The Israeli fashion designer is renowned for her sublime clothing. The brand is part of the same category as Givenchy and Christian Dior. Galia Lahav likes to use illusion-lace and reams upon reams of tulle when it comes down to creating full-volume skirts. The Israeli designer was lucky enough to gain insight into the inner workings of garment-making, so it does not come as a surprise that the brand’s signature is glamorous. According to the famous fashion designer, the bride should be stunning on the big day. Galia Lahav bridal gowns are for all types of women. Given the fact that designers from Israel master the art of custom design and personalization, it is little wonder that they are so beloved.

2. Lee Petra Grebenau

Lee Petra Grebenau is one of the most prestigious fashion brands in Israel. If you take a close look at the wedding dresses, you will see that they feature plunging necklines, long sleeves, astounding silhouettes, and sparkle. The fashion designer made a name for herself in the industry thanks to craftsmanship, dedicated tailoring, and hand embroidery. Lee Petra Grebenau does not believe in trends, which is why she makes such great efforts to create classic dresses that will never ever go out of style. You might just like the haute couture take on bridal gowns and the timeless bridal style.

3. Inbal Dror

What is Inbal Dror known for? Wedding dresses, of course. The fashion designer has proudly attended the Shenkar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv. She started creating wedding gowns in 2014, bringing to life the so-called red-carpet bride. Inbal Dror creations are frequently during New York Fashion Week, meaning that it is an event you should not miss. Women no longer have to take inspiration from the red carpet, as they have dresses specially made for their silhouettes. Inbal Dror has creates some of the most beautiful bridal dresses. The designs are innovative and, most importantly, they are available in boutiques worldwide. Every bride-to-be can have an Inbal Dror dress.

Israel Bridal Fashion Week: In case you missed it

Some women take delight in checking out bridal collections up close. Consequently, they are present at runway shows. Israel Bridal Fashion Week gives guests the chance to see the newest wedding dresses and possibly meet with their favorite designers. It is largely considered one of the most prestigious events in the world of fashion. Future brides, not to mention grooms, can enjoy stunning fashion collections by Israeli top designers, which is more than enough. Fashion editors and bloggers are not the only ones attending the show. It is perfectly okay to feel the dresses. In other words, people can touch the dresses and feel the exclusive material. Is it worth attending this kind of event? Yes, because it is possible to catch all the details of the collection and get access to all things bridal.

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