British MP: “You look like a bloody Jew”

In last night’s Panorama documentary which exposed the British, Conservative Member of Parliament Patrick Mercer and his alleged lobbying connections, one particular moment caught my eye.

The lobbying stuff is kind of an open secret in Westminster, and selfishly, the political establishment’s response to the fact that some Members of Parliament have no morals is to impose stricter regulations on lobbyists, rather than turf out the rotten politicians.

Nevertheless, something that is less of an open secret is the inherent anti-Semitism that you can hear in and around the halls of Westminster in this day and age. I can testify myself to hearing a lot of it, and friends who work in and around Parliament have told me similar. Whenever Israel comes up, its “the bloody Jews” again.

So little wonder then, that (now ex) Tory MP Patrick Mercer was caught on camera denigrating and belittling an IDF soldier. He was sexist and he was racist. Imagine for a moment the uproar if he had been caught saying, “You look like a bloody Muzzie!” or “You look like a bloody Paki!” These are the equivalents of what he said, in case you think I’m just being loose with my language. Watch the video:



About the Author
Raheem Kassam is Managing Editor of Breitbart London. He formerly founded, co-launched and is an Associate Fellow at The Henry Jackson Society