British universities boycott Israel:the culprits are now victims!

Two British newspapers reported on the 27th October this year that some 300 British academics from some of the best known universities are going to boycott Israeli academic institutions because of ” the illegal occupation of Palestine”  and ” intolerable human rights violations “.

This happened at a time when Israeli citizens were subjected – and still are today – to terrorist attacks from Palestinians living under the P.A jurisdiction.  What I find amazing is the sheer hypocrisy and manipulation these academics have lend themselves to this exercise of cynicism.

If an organization wants to gain credibility it has to apply two, among other principles, two basic ones:

  • Coherence which means the same criteria you use to criticize  someone for political reasons or otherwise you must apply it to others or else your organization is just a bunch of hypocrites.
  • Common sense to everyday situations.

The boycott organization modeled on the BDS organization and with the same ideology has neither of the two principles just mentioned.

If they had coherence they would advocate as well boycott to other countries such as Iran, Sudan or Saudi Arabia for their violation of human rights, which by the way are atrocious coming from dictatorships and theocracies that these ” liberal” academics seem to dislike.

And if common sense prevailed they would not mix politics with culture and academia which is as deadly a cocktail as mixing religion with politics.  The best thing these so-called academics could do is support freedom of speech, conscious and and exchange of ideas, which is what advanced democracies do.  But despising Israel’s formidable top-class universities which have given countless numbers of inventors, scientists and even Nobel prizes is beyond my understanding.

This whole movement of boycotting Israel academically together with the BDS movement are the apex of a wicked twisting in the mystification of terrorism by some political parties in Europe and by many governments around the world resulting in the culprits ( Palestinian terrorists ) being the victims and Israelis being the culprits.

The glorification of terrorism and radical Islamism as a minor affair by some foreign politicians is perhaps the reason for this twisting in any right-thinking mind.  We have to tackle and fight ideologically this perverted and wicked mentality with facts which are overwhelmingly in Israel’s favor because as the only democracy in the region, it has nothing to hide.

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Born 1967 in South Africa (Port Elizabeth) In 1977 moved to Spain with family and studied primary and secondary school. B.A Honors (Marketing with French) 1990 -1994 in Republic of Ireland. Marketing consultant and languages teacher (2000 - 2011) in UK, France, and Spain. At present involved in 7 start up companies ranging from teaching languages to tourism in Spain. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Basic Hebrew.
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