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Broadway ‘cli-fi’ stage play ‘Extreme Whether’ set for March 1-18 run in Manhattan

See the show’s colorful poster here.

Yes, a ‘cli-fi’ stage play ‘Extreme Whether’ written and directed by veteran playwright Karen Malpede is set for March 1-18 run in Manhattan.

If you live anywhere near New York City, like in New Jersey or Connecticut or Pennsylvania — or Boston or Washing or Chicago for that matter — make a beeline for the La MaMa theater to see this timely show.

Heralded as “brilliant” and “important” in performances in French and English in Paris several years ago, ”Extreme Whether” has been performed at live reading and theater workshops as well, and it’s new show in Manhattan is sure to attract a new generation of theater-goers.

In addition, since the subject matter is so timely, in this Age of Trump, expect drama critics from the New York Times, the New York Post, The Village Voice, the Nation, The Washington Post, the Associated Press and Reuters, not to mention U.S.-based reporters for the BBC and the UK Guardian to catch this topical show.

It’s cli-fi, and as you know by now, cli-fi comes in an assorted of colors: novels, movies, stage plays, poems, paintings, performance art and song lyrics. With “Extreme Whether,” Karen Malpede has put her stamp on the rising genre of cli-fi, and this will be a show you won’t want to miss.

Sp in this new genre of cli-fi (climate fiction), “Exteme Whether” — not ”weather” but ”whether” please note — is a fierce expose of politically motivated censorship and a look at the courage it takes to keep up the fight for truth against immensely powerful forces.

It is, also, equally, a love story: of people for nature, a girl for a deformed frog, two embattled climate scientists for truth and one another, and an old man,”Uncle,” for the world he is about to leave. Inspired by crusading climate scientist, James Hansen, and Arctic ice scientist Jennifer Francis, and praised by both.

”Extreme Whether” asks how can we act to save ourselves from catastrophic climate change, and what are the nefarious forces acting against our survival?

Starring Rocco Sisto, Clea Straus Rivera, Khris Lewin, Dee Pelletier, Emma Rose Kraus and George Bartenieff.

Theater Three Collaborative is a social justice internationally touring theater company.

To buy tickets and for more information, see this link:

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