Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

Building Bridges of Peace: A Call for Unity in Israel

It is a great rule in the Torah that “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (“Veahavta Lereacha Kamocha”). It is significant that this command is written in the singular, “Veahavta” and not plural “Veahavtem” as it emphasizes the need for every member of the nation of Israel to become an exemplar of love for the entire nation, until they all reach a unanimous agreement on a collective love for one another.

In the current war, Israel is focused on eliminating its enemies from its immediate surroundings, due to the constant threat to its existence and its people’s safety otherwise. But the true outcome of this war should transcend the physical removal of adversaries. It should compel each member of the Israeli nation to internalize the conditions for fruitful living—overcoming the inner distance between the people of Israel at the level of attitudes to one another. This boils down to embracing the timeless principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Such an outcome would mean comprehensive success. Physical distance from enemies who wish for the nation’s eradication is a temporary win until the people of Israel establish a society rooted in unity. The prevailing spirit within our society, a yearning for unity, is what will ultimately eliminate the existence of all enemies. That is, when we cultivate a unifying spirit, we affect unifying rippling effects throughout human consciousness. Then, from within, no one would feel the wish to disturb the people of Israel, because they would feel the people of Israel as a source of goodness in their lives.

Within our society, everyone should recognize the importance of developing positive human connections and understanding the purpose and plan for our shared existence. Discovering, feeling, accepting and realizing our life’s plan involves achieving a connection where mutual love, support and concern for one another come out ahead.

Our neighbors also need to comprehend that survival hinges on friendship and love. While these words may seem out of touch with the current reality that presents itself, they are states we must strive to achieve. While one of the results of the current war should be a message that breaching borders with an intent to harm will result in consequences, the longer-term aim is a world where war fails to appear even as an option.

Humanity should recognize that the people of Israel possess the ability to bring about peace for all. The relationships we cultivate can send waves of harmony worldwide, but it depends on our dedication to the unity of hearts. The nations of the world should realize that we cannot be broken, convinced or forced into a corner so that we agree to conditions that would serve to separate us, because we have a historical mission that we are committed to achieving. Instead, they should support us in attaining our purpose.

Therefore, our engagement in the current war should be accompanied by a widespread acknowledgment of our mission and role. Now is an opportune moment to reaffirm the Jewish principle of loving others, and create everlasting connections of love that expand onward to every person in every place.

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