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Move over Jewish rappers, there’s a new anomaly in town. Bulletproof Stockings is a rock/blues group comprised of two Hasidic women. Perl Wolfe sings the vocals, while Dalia Shusterman plays drums. The name refers to the dark stockings that Orthodox Jewish women wear. They even sound bulletproof – jamming unabashedly, belting out lilting lyrics & representing Brooklyn. A casual observer might notice that the pictures online from their album release party show only women in attendance. This is because the ladies of Bulletproof Stockings observe the laws of the Lubavitch Hasidim, one of which states that women should not sing in front of men. When they perform, it’s to an all-female audience. Their shows have become a kind of liberation for other women in the Hasidic community through music & dance.

Bulletproof Stockings recently released an EP titled Down to the Top. With only four songs, there’s no room for duds & luckily, the band’s first musical effort doesn’t disappoint. What’s particularly great is their chameleon-like sound. My favorite song is “Frigid City,” which has an emotionally-raw, bluesy quality that’s reminiscent of Fiona Apple. For potential listeners who may be put off by their religious leanings, their lyrics touch on a slew of secular topics with incisive poetry & candor. Like all music with soul, the message is universally relatable. Just don’t try showing up at any concerts if you’re a man. But hey, that’s why G-d invented the internet!

For more information on Bulletproof Stockings, including show dates, mp3’s & videos, go to their website. You’ll also find links to their Facebook page. Of course, you’d be remiss not to become online “chaverim” with the band. If you enjoy their music as much as I do, support them. Independent artists work hard for the money, so we better treat them right. Their album is available on Amazon for only 99 cents per song.

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Currently living on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in Bet She'an, Israel.