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Buttigieg speaks to and relies on voters’ decency

He doesn’t focus on disgust for the present immoral leadership. He doesn’t highlight how angry people should be to effectuate change. He doesn’t entice voters with nice rewards.

Rather, he conveys that most people have basic decency that they want to see reflected in government. That you can’t sort people as good or evil since we have all both aspects within us.

Rather, he understands that building trust in him (in anyone) costs time and that trust must be earned.

He’s not bitter and not angry. He’s not frantic and he’s not upset. He smiles and appeals to the common wish for a better world.

He doesn’t trash his fellow runners for the Democratic ticket nor the present President who has high jacked the Republican party (because this election is not about Trump). He just tries to sketch us a future leadership as he wants it, built on good principles.

His youthfulness reminds me of J.F. Kennedy; his speech reminds me a bit of Obama. But in any case, he comes across as very different from most people though not as a freak. What is it? Maybe it shows best in his advice for an 11-year old being bullied.

How could America say no to him? I predict that he’s going to win by a landslide, first in the Democratic camp and then overall.

Getting Loud Enemies

He expected from the beginning that some serious criticism on him and his partner would start, some completely based on nothing. Well, it is beginning to look like it.

* The opening shot came from a young guy who claimed that Mayor Pete had sex with him when he had been too drunk to give consent. He added that he soon would come with proof. No one believed him and we never heard from him again.


* Next, his brother-in-law. Claimed for Fox that his brother was not kicked out of the house when he came out and that they didn’t grow up poor. Although he self-identified as a born-again Christian, he said to love his brother and had no trouble with his gayness. But as a Trump guy, he would never vote for them.

The Fox anchor did not fall for him flattering her program and asked what was the last time they spoke. Well, ten years ago but that had nothing to do with his gayness. She suggested that he’d pick up the phone instead of complaining about him in the media. (In fact, she got the gentlemen confused saying that he should call up his brother-in-law or Mayer Pete (those two are one guy). Chasten has now hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and his brother 58.


* Third, a fundamentalist radio talk host hosting a professor living three doors down from Buttigieg’s parental home. I’d summarize and paraphrase the major points so that you don’t need to spend over an hour on slander, jealousy, gay-hatred and anti-Semitism.

The guest turns out not just a neighbor but also a fellow professor of Pete’s father but, different from him, the latter was arrogant and schooled and brainwashed by Marxists and Jews. Which in turn programmed the young impressionable Pete. He was the kind of father who makes a son gay (baseless “theory” from the gay-healers) by not giving him the confidence to explore the world himself. He was the absent father who (at the same time) prevented him to connect with neighbors. The two discuss how homo-curer Nicolosi has it all down. (How he is a total fraud, read here, Chapter 4.) “All homosexuals are seduced by older homosexuals — it’s that simple. They can’t procreate, so they recruit.”

The normalization of homosexuality is the direct result of permitting birth control in the ’50s. That separates procreation from the sexual act. But they can’t speculate “who’s the husband and who’s the wife” because it makes them too queasy.

They refer to a Protocols of the Elders of Zion-type book that “shows” the secret agenda of the gay movement, how it “plans” to turn all of the US gay. Pete is also shunned by the local Black leaders because they don’t want to be made gay. (Here’s what Pete says about racism claims.) That’s what Pete is up to. A tiny [gay] minority controlling the US narrative.

In South Bend, Pete has also started the secret “Israelisezation” [sic] of the police force (those powerful Jews) turning “us” into Palestinians. After WW II, the occupying US army in Germany imposed Jewish social science and the RC Church was too stunned to fight it. (The anti-Christ is everywhere.)

How to merge the complaints that Pete’s a Marxist and an elitist? Listen to this. Either way, he’s not representing the People. “Pete Buttigieg is an attack on representative government.” Brilliant.

They volunteer ill-spirited sentences like: “He only went as a soldier voluntarily (!) to a warzone because that looks fancy on a resume; he would never do anything for any other reason.”

They come with one isolated thing that seems not just innuendo and bigotry. But in advanced already, it becomes meaningless when embedded in so much acrimony. Mayor Pete says he got reelected with 80% of the votes despite coming out during the campaign in the conservative town. But now his opponents claim that’s not spectacular since South Bend is a disillusioned community that automatically votes for any Democrat and that the turnout was only 8% of the eligible voters. Really? The press at the time called it a beyond landslide result. How impressive that was is also recorded in detail. I inquired and kept asking question to the helpful people who keep the records (they indeed had written down 8% but that turned out a mistake). It turned out that 13.7% of South Bend’s Country’s population voted. It is also a malicious and not-neutral interpretation to say that only 11% (80% times 13.7%) of the population voted for Mayor Pete. More accurate seems that 97% (100% minus 20% times 13.7%) was not moved to vote against him.


* Fourth in the list of disgruntles with Mayor Pete is Brother Nathanael. He — surely — sees a gay couple as a moral downfall.


* Fifth, there is a thing that we should understand well. When an article cherry-picks the only Jewish candidate and discusses how he got his money, that is anti-Semitic.

Along the same lines, when the only Gay candidate is selectively scrutinized for his stand on sexual violence, that is Gay-hatred.

So, when, from a broad town-hall meeting, an internationally respected news agency singled out how Buttigieg answered about a certain male heterosexual sex abuser, that focus stinks to high heaven. (It also reported much less than he actually said and left out his tone of voice (and the applause he got for his remarks) what makes it come out inconsiderate and sexist.)


I think that the Buttigiegs, so far, should be very pleased with their antagonists. It’s a beautiful bunch of extreme gay-haters giving some fringe colorful publicity — not too serious or real.


On a not unrelated issue, I don’t understand the popularity of the Democratic front-runner. Is it solely because he was Obama’s VP, from nostalgically hoping for Obama III? He has so many issues that don’t seem to go away. His constant misspeaking (he thinks so often only after he speaks and he speaks like a forgetful old man frequently giving examples from 50 years ago); him not understanding physical boundaries with women which shows in him continuing to make light of it; his third case of plagiarism. He seems a train wreck waiting to happen. Smooth-talker Trump is going to make minced meat of him. That should be the first concern about any Democratic candidate, no?

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