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To Be A Patriot Is To Buy From A Domestic Startup Business

If you lived in Israel enough years you might have encountered a variety of many patriotic advertisements that encourage us to buy domestic and support the blue and white (our flags color) businesses and economy. While this concept is great it only refers in the advertisements to physical products that sit on shelves and industries that are deteriorating worldwide. My question is why don’t we do the same thing with digital products, and why don’t we encourage our own consumers to engage with our startups?

Watch: A Commercial By The State Of Israel

Now I am hopping that you stopped scratching your head after watching the video above, this will mean that you understood what I am talking about. Just to make things simpler here are 5 random and basic examples that will state my case and point about how we can do the same with Israeli startup businesses:

  1. Thinking about using meetup again? Give Bizzabo a spin and then make a decision on how to run your future events
  1. Before you purchase anything from a Freelancer, give Fiverr a visit and check out their gigs
  1. Instead of buying a security plugin for your site from a company from abroad, buy your cyber defense service from an Israeli company such as Fireblade.
  1. The next time you download an android launcher give Everything me a go before you use something based on just download numbers.
  1. Last but not least when you want to build a community around your site or business, give Spot.IM a chance before you make another Facebook group your main area of user engagement.

These are just really basic examples, I am sure you can think independently about many more yourself.

Now let’s talk importance, why is it important to support Israeli startups? Don’t they have funding and “stuff” ?

The first thing that looks to me as pretty obvious is how our support can and will effect jobs in Israel, all of the above examples I gave have one thing in common: All these companies hire Israeli’s in Israel! Buying or using Israeli apps and online services creates more jobs, which in turn brings unemployment rates down.

The second reason this is an important topic in my opinion, and it is a bit more complex to explain so I won’t go into to it in details: I believe that it is better to have Israeli startups accumulate our personal data rather than foreign startups.

The third reason is that you don’t really need a reason, if you live here just root for the home team. Yes we might not build everything better than others, and yes some of our digital products are not as good as ones from abroad, but remember that if we don’t use Israeli apps and services here at home, how can we expect other countries to use it? Every Israeli startup should strive to take over the world, and with a friendly boost from home we can get some more NASDAQ representatives, more reputation and most importantly more Israeli jobs to fill our economy with hope for a better future.

Happy Birthday Israel!


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