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Call A Spade A Spade

While the world stood in horror at the scenes that unfolded on Saturday, the international media were clearly reviewing their prearranged scripts. While covering the barbaric attacks across southern Israel, these outlets bent over backwards to avoid using the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’. No, instead the butchers from Hamas were dubbed ‘militants’, and the description of the attack itself was noticeably lacking the ‘terrorist’ label.

Why? Why do media outlets do such a revolting thing?

To make matters worse, these same outlets host Palestinian apologists that go above and beyond in trying to portray their cause as being right, just, and noble. On the BBC, a guest had the audacity to try and portray the Palestinian terrorist groups as being equivalent to the resistance movement that sprag up in Nazi occupied Warsaw. Such historical ignorance is beyond the pale, and one should inform this propagandist that no Warsaw Ghetto fighter ever massacred people in their homes, nor did they kidnap children, nor did they ever torment the elderly and parade them around like warped trophies. No, Hamas has zero equivalency to those Jewish men and women who stood up to an actual genocidal regime in 1940s Poland.

Others appear and prattle on using buzz words like ‘apartheid’, ‘colonialism’, and everything else in their toolbox to try to get the Western world up in arms on behalf of the Palestinian cause. Never mind the fact that these terms are devoid of historical accuracy, nor do they explore the depth of the current conflict, but these Palestinian mouthpieces are allowed to spout their nonsense without much objection. Yet calling a spade a spade by labeling Hamas a terrorist organization is apparently a step too far for the international media.

Again, one must ask why.

When ISIS terrorists laid waste to large swaths of Iraq and Syria, the media made sure to add ‘ so called’ whenever mentioning the Islamic State. They did not want to add any legitimacy to a group that massacred civilians, raped women, and sold children into slavery. Yet when confronted with an equally evil terrorist group in Hamas, cut from the same radical Islamic cloth as ISIS, these same mouthpieces insist on using terms such as ‘militants’. Such vile double standards clearly show their blatant bias against Israel.

When Islamic extremists raided Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the international media quickly dubbed it a ‘terrorist attack’. Rightfully so, as no other term really fits the description of that cowardly attack on civilians. And yet these same outlets are simply calling the tragic events of Saturday an ‘attack’, leaving out one key word. One very important word. And it is being deliberately withheld.

In a day and age where misinformation is touted as a global threat, international media outlets should do better by leading by example. Firstly, when nonsensical mouthpieces appear on air, all spurious claims should be quickly rebuked. When Israel is accused of ‘apartheid’ and ‘colonialism’, hosts must challenge these slanderous libels. Failure to do so will only foment hate against Israel and the wider Jewish community. And secondly, when faced with hundreds of dead bodies scattered across towns and cities, these media conglomerates must call such villainy what it truly is: terrorism.

Enough with these ridiculous double standards when dealing with Israel.

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