Call On These Jewish Organizations To End Their Support For the Women’s March

The most sinister and persistent antisemitic stereotype is one of collective and unified thought; that every Jew in the world is part of a single organism working for a common goal through secret plots and manipulation. The Jews were, and actually still are, often depicted as a tentacled monster with a nefarious grin, extending its extremities and wielding its influence over the world’s nations and institutions. The Jew is everywhere, the powerful hidden hand pulling the strings on the media, on our financial institutions, on our governments. They’re in the background, yet right in front us, working to establish a world where the Jew dominates and the goyim are enslaved…

This, ironically from a people that are constantly arguing about everything. From international social and political issues to picking the best deli for lunch, the tentacled Jewish monster seems to be perpetually tangled up and tripping over itself. And that’s something that Jews should be proud of; debate and skepticism is embedded in Jewish tradition. Jewish history consists of centuries of Rabbis debating scripture and recording diverse opinions on Jewish law. The word “Israel” in hebrew means to wrestle or struggle with Gd, and Gd knows everything! Yes, to the Jews even the omniscient creator of the universe needs to explain himself sometimes.

I was reminded of this irony this past week when the feminist hero Alyssa Milano declared that if Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory continue to support the antisemitic statements made by Louis Farrakhan, she would refuse to take part in the 2019 Women’s march. Many of us are pleased and relieved, and praised Milano for taking a principled stand against antisemitism.

At the same time, Milano’s stance helps to illustrate the aforementioned divisiveness within the Jewish community. While Alyssa Milano is standing up to the antisemitism expressed by the founders of the Women’s March, there are still eight Jewish organizations listed as backers on the march’s website.

That’s right, eight Jewish organizations are standing shoulder to shoulder with Linda Sarsour, a woman that referred to Zionism as creepy and once claimed that she was being misrepresented by the “Jewish media”. Eight Jewish organizations are standing in solidarity with Tamika Mallory, who has attended conferences with Louis Farrakhan and continues to support him even after Farrakhan has dehumanized the Jewish community and reduced us to satanic termites that are controlling the world. With these two examples alone, it’s evident that the organizers of the women’s march believe, or at least defend, that depiction of the Jew as an all-powerful tentacled monster.

The idea that the Jews, a people that have been kicked out or butchered in almost every country, are actually somehow controlling everything is so offensively absurd that it’s almost comedic. But it’s not a joke, it’s genocidal antisemitism.

The organizations that are listed on the website include:

– “Jews for Racial and Economic Justice”
– “Jewschool”
– “Bending the Arc Jewish Action”
– “Jews for Urban Development”
– “Jewish Social Round Table”
– “American Jewish World Service”
– “National Council of Jewish Women”
– “Jewish Women’s Foundation”

These organizations are currently listed as backers of the 2017 march, as information for the 2019 march has not yet been listed. I reached out to each organization by email or social media to confirm their position on the march, which will be taking place in January of 2019.

“Bending the Arc Jewish Action” confirmed they will continue to support the women’s march organizers. A staff member at “Jewschool” stated the organization would probably not be supporting the 2019 march because of Tamika Mallory, but expressed continued support for Linda Sarsour. “Jewish Council on Urban Affairs”, “Jewish Women’s Foundation”, and “Jewish Social Justice Roundtable” stated that they have yet to determine if or how they will take part in the 2019 Women’s March. The other organizations have yet to respond, but I did note that the Facebook page for “Jews for Racial and Economic Justice”, which is a radical neo-marxist and anti-zionist organization, stated that while Farrakhan’s opinion that Jews are satanic is offensive, there is a “great potential for our movement to learn”.

These groups will have to ultimately decide what’s best for their organizations, nobody could tell them what to do, all we can do is express our sentiment and hope they listen. Here, I’ll present a simple position; The women’s march has the potential to be a very positive force for women, America, and the western world, but if it continues to condone antisemitism, then its efforts will inevitably fail. A movement cannot create positive change and be antisemitic at the same time. Antisemitism breeds destruction, first for the Jews and then everybody else.

We should call on these Jewish organizations to set an example. Be the Jewish resistance that you’ve claimed to be. Draw a thick line in the sand, step back and stand with us, your community, and declare that this is NOT just an opportunity to learn or a time for reconciliation. Now is the time for the Jews, a community mostly divided, to finally unite and declare that we will not be dehumanized and humiliated. We will never be nuanced towards people that want us destroyed. If that march identifies with hatred, then it will have to do so, Jew-free. Resist them, and do what’s right. Do not support the Women’s March.

If we can’t convince these eight Jewish organizations to pull their support, then there’s little hope in reaching the hundreds of other groups on the Women’s March website.

About the Author
Joe Duenas is an independent filmmaker and writer based out of South Florida.
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