Calling out the elephant in the room

Israel has always had a large number of enemies. From the openly hating Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Palestinian factions to the backstabbing and fair-weather friends that are Turkey & Qatar. Each enemy brought against us a new form of strategic warfare.

Our enemies have also attacked Jews to our core. Education (through universities across the western world), public opinion through the media and militarily by putting pressure on countries to stop supplying arms to Israel. Cutting ties to Israel and isolating it is the foundation of BDS. Hence our military actions in Gaza and are our precautions to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe there is never enough. Our enemies rule the growing global public opinion of the masses. As we know that law is blind and only gives judgement based on arguments and proofs. The judges at the International Criminal court have initially ruled in our favor but the public opinion of Israel on the streets of the western world is still that of little Satan. The western progressives conveniently ignore that millions have been killed in Syria, Yemen and other countries that faced endless and meaningless wars. But the terrorist killed in Gaza or the West Bank draws the most attention, criticism, condemnation and questioning from these people and also now from the Biden government.

Qatar for years has funded antisemitism across US and European universities. Its trying to hit Jews at its fundamentals – education and the future. They are trying to create inter-generational animosity against Israel in the west. Ultimately, these college students will be the future leaders across US and Europe and shape the future policies of their countries. US colleges have their Presidents saying that calling for the genocide of Jews is acceptable depending on the context.

Iran has funded proxies that can attack Israel from all sides. Their nuclear weapons program is another effort to eliminate the Jewish state. It is indirectly or unknowingly supported by its all weather friend the Chinese who have looked at it as an opportunity to destroy the unity between the US and its closest ally. Apps like Tik Tok have commercialized this anti-Semitic hatred to grow their business & popularity while trying to weakening the decades old bond between the US and Israel.

Certain foreign press across the world, who are also Israel-haters, were influenced by the Palestinian conversion of this conflict into a inter religious war. Across the world, certain media outlets for decades has shown Israel as the aggressor and colonizer. As psychology says that when some people yell loud enough, others start to believe that what they’re saying is the truth. Terrorist factions in Gaza for years stole the world of billions of dollars only to create a military infrastructure while most Gazans continue to suffer and starve. Yet the blame will still goes to the Israelis.

Why would countries like Somalia and Yemen which have no association or history with Israel or Jews, bring the likes of Ilhan Omar and the Houthis to create so much nuisance for us. The Houthis act through missiles that reach Eilat while Ilhan Omar attacks us through diplomatic missiles in the US Congress as part of “The Squad”. We haven’t done anything against these countries. Yet their hatred continues.

A huge list of countries have cut diplomatic ties with us due to our failure in media management and PR. Many western countries have started an arms embargo against us. BDS maybe getting banned in the US but it is showing up in all other forms in the US in an even greater way. So many countries in the UN and otherwise have critisized us publicly while failing to condemn Hamas. UNICEF and UN Women went silent for months after October 7th. Countries continue their funding for UNRWA inspite of their employees participating in the massacre, raping and kidnapping on October 7th.

No friendship should be a case of taken advantage of. Jordan has reciprocated in actions by its defense of Israel during the Iran attack. Egypt has cooperated with Israel on Gaza for years. But they must also make efforts to against the hate-media and stop the indiscriminate people level hatred of Israel which is a slow and long term poison against its somewhat healthy relationship with Israel.

When we try our best but the world still doesn’t like us no matter how much we do, we must remember that it will never be enough. We will always be overworked and our military over stretched but it still wont be enough for the world. There should be a desire to change public opinion. Unfortunately negativity spreads faster than positivity but there is always hope. We need to speak to our allies and our friends (specifically our neighbours who dont have perfect democracies) to control and reduce the Jewish and Israel hatred amongst their masses. Our friendships with them are only transactional currently and focussed on common goals and agendas alongside common interest facing Iran and the benefits of Israel’s technology and support. However, this friendship will only last when the inner hate between the people is eliminated. Inspite of decades of friendship, Egypt’s the public opinion has still been against Israel even before this war. When Bezrat Hashem we make peace with the Saudis, Indonesia and many others, we must also ask them in return to reduce amongst their people, the politics of hatred. UAE has done well on this regard and promotes peace between religions. We pray for peace.

Hamas didnt just an attack on Israel on October 7th. All their affiliates, friends and supporters also attacked the global Jewish world. So many of our so called friends failed to condemn Hamas. Countries cut their diplomatic ties with Israel. Some of our closest friends put an arms embargo on Israel. Missiles were raining down on central Israeli cities several times a day. The Houthis attacked our shipping and shot ballistic missiles at us which Hamas could only dream of doing. Not a single UNGA, UNSC resolution was passed condemning Hamas which Israel continued to be condemned never the less. Jews have been targetted across the world. Jews have been attacked on social media. Even my cousin sister in India too faced her first antisemitic attacks on social media inspite of being non political – just because she is Jewish. Jewish students today cannot enter US and other european universities due to rampant antisemitism funded by Qatari money. The largest echelons of knowledge and progress are universities. But these universities consider the calls for genocide of Jews as acceptable speech depending on the context. Thus our enemies have attacked the global Jewish right to educate themselves. University antisemitism is still faced by mature and young adult Jews. However, what must be happening to Jews in schools is even more unimaginable.

7th October should not be remembered only for the massacre of Israelis. It is a reminder of everything that went wrong in the proclaimed secular world. It wasn’t just a military war against us. There was also a diplomatic and social media war that took place as global antisemitism jumped by about 500%.

About the Author
A Zionist who did Aliyah from Mumbai (Bene Israeli Jew) in 2018. Adir is an MBA from the renowned Jamnalal Bajaj School of Management in Mumbai. He has been a politics, economics & finance enthusiast from a young age. From writing about current affairs in school to responding to news pieces of the Jerusalem post which were published. Adir has come a long way from India to Israel and kept pursuing his passions in finance, global politics, world macro economics, business news and issues that affect us all. He is a full time banker in Israel and a multi passionate soul.