Can Insects Feed The Upcoming Human Generations?

Insects are one of the rising source of animal protein may feed to future generations with better benefits than common animal protein sources.

Major part of agricultural land throughout the world, is already under the cultivation with focus of meat production. But farming of insects don’t need so much space and all other resources which can be beneficial in terms of economic point of view. With this, traditional meat sources and poultry have more health risk due to over consumption of fats. These sources can responsible for the various diseases but compare to them, insects as a food are less responsible for the diseases to human beings. So such source of food which is safe, risk free and which will provide many economic, and environmental benefits will be acceptable by rising generations.

The increasing population is alarming in many countries for the need of natural resources and food. Every year global population increase by approximately 70 million peoples and death rate is decreasing day by day due to increasing Quality of Life everywhere. If this continue for few more decades, the main question will arise in front of world, how to provide food these people.

For this rising population, world need to produce food from various sources as much as possible.  The problem is all sectors of possible food resources all already under pressure due to human beings. Overall environment is already get polluted, oceans are facing the problem of lack of seafood, agricultural land is under overburden of high demand of food, and forests are decreasing or converting in plantations which includes the non-native or commercial tree plantation which have lots of ecological adverse impacts. On this background edible insects is the great solution. The energy, water, place, food and other resources requirements of edible insects farming is found sustainable.

However, public acceptance of this idea is great challenge because human history there is specific eras of human evolution such as human were fruitarian, then dead animal eaters, then hunters, then they settled and started farming so grains, vegetarian and finally they started domestic animals and became milkerian. But there is no such specific period for human throughout globe that they were insect eaters. But maybe it will start now.

Already in Africa also there are many people who consume insects which is best source of protein for them. In Asian countries particularly East Asian and south East Asian countries, many people eats insects in the diet. There are many species are eaten but popular one are wasps, ants, beetles etc. Insects can provide you all minerals, fibers, essential nutrients including Omega 3.

So would you like to add this new food in your dish?

About the Author
Kapilkumar is an Indian research fellow at Tel Aviv University. His academic background is of environmental science. He studied journalism at Pune University, India and completed his intern at Lokmat newspaper, one of the leading newspapers in Maharashtra state of India. Kapilkumar is interested in addressing the challenges relating to climate change by using the fields of journalism and environment together.