Can Jews help Germany with its Islamic problem?

Gatestone institute has published a day by day account of the problems of Muslim immigration in the first month of 2017. Here is the article if you want to read it for yourself. 

Since late 2014, the government of Angela Merkel has brought in more than a million new immigrants from the Middle East, some refugees from Syria, others claiming asylum from their own repressive governments. The fact that some of those one million immigrants might indeed be ISIS, al Queda or some other violent group coming into Europe for the purpose of killing and destroying through violence   is reason enough to give pause on the German policy.

But, the wider problem seems to be that most of the refugees have brought a culture which is diametrically opposed to everything Western Civilization seems to stand for. Women are assaulted, Gays are attacked, and anti-Semitism is on the rise in Germany for the first time in a very long time.

“Leonie Goldberg, head of Wuppertal’s Jewish Community, told Der Spiegel: ‘I thought the time of the packed suitcases was for always over. Now I am considering when we need to pack these suitcases again.’”

For some reason Left wing Germans do not look at this as some kind of threat or throwback to an earlier uglier time. But, there it is, once again in Germany and it’s coming again.

Some right winged groups have opposed the move, and have demonstrated against it. But, they are a small voice which is growing, but not big enough to make a difference.  Merkel has stood defiant, regardless of the changes that it has made in the towns and cities of Germany where these new comers are assigned.

“So I say to everyone who goes to such demonstrations: Do not follow those who are appealing to you! Because too often there is prejudice, coldness, even hatred, in their hearts.”

The question the rest of us have to ask is why is Germany doing this? What would make a western country already befuddled and weakened by a Muslim community, mostly from Turkey,  which has never fully assimilated itself into German much less European culture, want to make it worse?

The country has created a nation scared of itself. After the horrors of World War II and fifty years later the miraculous reunification, that nation now finds itself at a crossroads. Regardless of the rise in anti Semitism mentioned earlier German schizophrenia totally rejects the Nazism of the 20th century  from virtually every political party in Germany. The country has initiated a 21st century policy which will only end in disaster. Furthermore, any opposition to this policy is immediately ranked with that rancid past.

The World Post, a lessor version of the Huffinton Post, is  more or less in favor of the policy explained Merkel’s decision to increase Muslim immigration more than five times since 2012. The site having  no reservations about linking it with the malevolence of the last century, called it,  “Partly in response to its Nazi past, German asylum rules are among the most liberal in the world. Asylum granted elsewhere had helped many opponents of the Nazi regime to survive.”

This is not the 1930s. The parallel is not the same. There is no equivalent to allowing in a foreign body that wants nothing to do with your culture and fully rejects it on every fundamental level. That in contrast to a centuries old, fully assimilated , German Jewish population who wanted nothing more than to be German like everyone else. It is quite disturbing that the Left who support Merkel’s  policy actually use Hitler and his time as a reason for Germany to act in this self-destructive fashion.

Jews everywhere should reject this notion vehemently. We Jews can declare a mission here, a mission that will save Germany from itself. And, we might be the only people on Earth outside of that country that can make a real difference.

Clear thinking Jews  who support liberty and freedom for all, who understand the danger from Islamic insurgency into western culture, who realize the two civilizations could never come together as one, at least not at this point in history, should stand up and give Germany support.

In the race for which European country will become the first Islamic take over, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and England despite the recent Brexit move, Germany is trying to take over that lead.

What has happened in the first month of 2017 is bound to only get worse as the percentage of Muslim Germans goes up and the feckless left wing government of Angela Merkel is powerless to stop it because to do so would stand against its own policy.

Start blogging using twitter and Facebook to give support to the small voice in Germany today which is rising against this Islamic surge. Jewish organizations in the United States and elsewhere, political parties in Israel and Jews everywhere who believe in freedom should raise a singular voice in telling Germany:

Its ok. Take your country back. We are behind you.

It is a little ironic that world Jewry less than 75 years since the end of the Holocaust would stand behind Germany in its false perception of breaking with its past only to destroy its future. But, if we can help we should do it.

Look at it as Tikkun Olam if you just can’t get past right wing nature of Pegida and other groups who oppose Angela Merkel. They are not the Nazis. They just want what we all want, to live in freedom, with justice for all.

If a majority of Germans are convinced that their main victims once are now their biggest supporters they might be willing to shrug off the chains of Hitler and look toward a future which frees them and all the people of Europe.


About the Author
Larry Hart has been writing and commenting on Jewish issues since 1985. His body is in the U.S., but his heart is in Israel.