Can luxury rehab really work for substance abuse?

You pull into the driveway in your private limousine. As your driver opens the door, you see a man in suit and tie, eagerly waiting to welcome you and take your bags up to your private suite. When you reach your room, you immediately notice the luxurious accomodations, large flat-screen TV, and view of the residence’s spa, golf course, and swimming pool.

Sounds like a fancy vacation resort, right?

Wrong. It turns out you have just begun your stay at a luxury addiction rehab center.

You may be wondering:

Can boutique accommodations really help an addict recover from substance abuse, gambling, or other addictions?

Boot camp works for many, but it’s not for everyone

Historically, drug rehab facilities have relied on a military boot camp model. This no-frills approach is aligned with the 12-step program’s principles of humbling addicts to cultivate an awareness of their addiction and their responsibility to themselves and others.

For many addicts, the bootcamp rehab model is exactly what they need. The bootcamp model enforces strict adherence to rules, cultivates resilience, teaches life skills, and is more affordable than other treatment options.

But bootcamp is not for everyone. Many addicts find the physically demanding environment stressful, instead of empowering, and feel it inhibits their ability to recover. For someone with already low self-esteem, the confrontational approach may not be the best fit.

Luxury rehab in Israel may be the solution

Luxury rehab emerged in the 1980’s as a response to a demand for more privacy and comfort. Addicts no longer had to peel potatoes and rake leaves in order to break free from their addiction. It is completely possible to recover while relaxing in a resort-like setting, and for many addicts, the luxury environment actually increases their chances of a successful outcome.

Recognizing that every addict requires a treatment tailored to their individual needs, Retorno, the largest Jewish organization in the world for the prevention and treatment of addictions, created an option for addicts looking for boutique accommodations and discreet, individualized care. The Platinum Recovery Center in Israel meets addicts where they are, recognizing their need to feel cared for.

Instead of denying them the comforts they are used to, the Platinum Recovery Center offers a beautiful setting and 5-star accommodations that will make the treatment process a lot more enjoyable, ensuring they will stick with it until they achieve complete recovery.

The trend toward creating more luxurious recovery options for addicts is growing rapidly. While historically catering to celebrities and high-profile individuals, the majority of addicts who attend these centers today are regular professionals, high-functioning addicts who, in addition to comfort, seek privacy to avoid jeopardizing their relationships and careers.  Located in remote and exclusive settings, luxury rehab centers are ideal for addicts that want to be far from home during the recovery process. Additionally, the high staff-to-patient ratio allows for individualized care and support.

Will these luxury rehab centers continue to gain popularity in the future? Similar to Israel, these deluxe treatment centers are blossoming in countries all around the world. If the trend continues, the thought of taking a limo to a drug rehab resort may no longer seem so incongruous or comical.

About the Author
Shoshana Schwartz is an addictions counselor and EFT practitioner, and a therapeutic horseback riding instructor at Retorno. She is the author of four books and is a weekly contributor to Mishpacha magazine.
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