Can Somalia Copycat Israeli Counter-Terrorism Tactics?

Mogadishu’s deadliest bombing by Islamists more than 400 people perished. RIP.

How did Israel subjugate the terror community within its borders? A question being asked by many Mogadishu residents whose households were disastrously affected by the endless terror campaign. Regardless of their creed system and the degree of their religiosity, Israelis, Arab by ethnicity, are underestimated to be more than one million and a half. They enjoy the same rights as Jews: they hold positions in the judiciary, the Knesset, and above all, serve in the IDF army and yet most of the Arabs if given the opportunity to speak freely, would express to harm Jews for the sake of being Jews. However; Israel probably eliminated the curse of suicide bombing: the last time, it was 2016 Jerusalem bus bombing not anymore. Thanks to Israeli intelligence who sacrificed to avert mass suicide bombing of their innocents.

The State of Israel, using a combination of collective punishment and diplomacy defeated the terror and forced the potential suicide bombers to realize Jews would stay here forever regardless of those who take their lives to promote Arab cause. Hamas whose charter called the destruction of the Jewish state came to the negotiation table holding their heads down. Israel spoke of peace while its IDF army was ready to respond to Islamists’ provocation with full force, the language the terrorists understand very well and compromise for it.

Despite convergences of all types Sunni and Shite terrorists: Hezbollah on the north, ISIS on northeast, Hamas deadly terrorists on west and only Sea is the safe direction Israel needs only monitoring and camera surveillance, and yet significant cities in Israel receive millions of tourists from all over the world because security is as high as Tokyo or Sidney.

On the other hand, Somalia is plagued by the bombing of the militants who wanted to create a pure caliphate, a brutal theocracy based on punitive laws of flocking, amputation, stoning-to-death, and beheading. Their version of Sharia laws obliges the ringleaders to address the social problems with executions to return the old faithful Muslims. Mogadishu is the playground where they manifest their tactics of compassion and blessings sees bloodbath resulted from SUV loaded with explosives. The weak Somali government only issue heartbreaking condolences and wait for the next bombing to occur unaware of which time and place: it can be in the palace or the defence department or the police headquarters or even the NISA Somalia’s intelligence services.

The checkpoint officers in Mogadishu live with the danger of dying anytime; thus, they leave their will behind of how to share the salary. Nothing worse than always thinking about death, and they already dead spiritually. Israel boasts the highest counter-terror policy in the world today; it curbed the spiral of deadly faithless Arabs who lied about the Hadith and said that the prophet said. “Kill all Jews,” to mobilize the mobs into bombing industry. Despite the irreconcilable enemies surrounding, Jews including those at front line settlements go about their lives without thinking death and murder, unlike Mogadishu where the desperate people working in it are urged to marry to leave a child to pray for him and leave a human legacy of his or her trace.

Somaliland, technically a part of Somalia unrecognized state in the far corner of the Horn of Africa escaped the bloody storms that blow in Somalia, but Mogadishu refused to copy its peace-building experience and opted out to look for Moroccan or Yemeni peace model. The West didn’t send to Hargeisa’s to learn the traditional conflict-skills from the late senator Abdiwarabe and Sheikh Madar when they were alive.

Is there a political will by Mogadishu government to send Somali cadets to Israel to get trained on hands-on and immerse counter terror environment where every day an Arab living outside the border of Israel wants to harm a Jew.

Now, Somalia entertains sending the recruits to Arab or African countries whose experience in combating terror curse and defusing grenades is nominal for military training. Will Mogadishu mayors stop ignoring this tiny and yet important nation whose expertise in every field transcends borders? Only time will tell.

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The Writer and Journalist is a Somaliland Activist and Senior Editor at The Democracy Chronicles, African news edition; his upcoming novel " Lily in The Dumpsite." a girl whose father wanted her to be a boy to fight for him and his tribe because females are burden and someone's else comfort and sex object.
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