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Canada and the Hundred-Year Plan

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Bomb threats. Pro-Nazi graffiti. Firebombed synagogues. School shootings.  All things you might find in South Africa? Poland? England?  These are all things that occurred in Canada.  And they took place in October and  November of 2023.  Since then, things have only gotten worse…

In December of 2023, I sat with the parent of a student at a parent-teacher meeting.  She is a Canadian citizen, and she described the rise of antisemitism in Canada. She told me that her husband worked in Canada, and there was not one city that wasn’t overtaken by violent pro-Palestinian marches.  Her husband was terrified to go to work. I was shocked. As an American citizen, I always thought of Canada as the  “little sister of America”.  Perhaps it is their sing-song way of pronouncing the letter “o”, but Canadians to me were always so…amiable.  I never guessed that they would be taken over by radical Islamists.

But the statistics reflect it all.  Canada is a country of about 40 million people.  It has the fourth-largest Jewish population of about 375,000 Jews.  Its Muslim population, however, is at approximately 2 million people.  And with their prime minister Justin Trudeau at the helm, that number promises to dramatically increase.  The large population of Muslims in Canada greatly increases the risks of radical Islamism.

A 2012 report entitled “Islamic Radicalism in Canada” found that at the time Islam was the fastest-growing religion in Canada.  It still is. Due to immigration and fertility rates, the report predicted that there would be exponential growth in the Canadian Muslim population over the next two decades.  This prediction has proven itself to be true. In 2011, there were 1 million Canadian Muslims.  Now there are around 2 million.  And the numbers are still growing.

In an interview on Visegard 24, a YouTube show about the Israel-Hamas war, Vivian Bercovici, the former Canadian Ambassador to Israel described the situation in Canada.  The demonstrations have turned into Pro-Hamas and Pro-Houti demonstrations according to Bercovici, while the Canadian policemen serve the demonstrators coffee and tea.  Meanwhile, these demonstrations have become more and more violent aimed at synagogues, Jewish schools, and Jewish-owned businesses. There have been bomb threats and Molotov cocktails thrown at Jewish buildings.

Bercovici blames the dramatic rise in antisemitism on the prime minister Justin Trudeau.  She explains that he does not have a sophisticated grasp of the geo-political reality.  He was voted in because he was handsome, but he made it clear to his aides that he was not interested in reading written reports.  If something needs to be explained, it should be done verbally.  According to Bercovici, this is in direct contrast to the former prime minister Harper, who was an intellectual.  He used to spend his days pouring over written reports and making informed decisions.  Furthermore, Trudeau is surrounded by a large Muslin caucus from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and mostly Syria.  He has made it clear from the beginning that he does not side with Israel in this conflict.

When asked about these violent demonstrations, he responds condescendingly that he cannot limit these people’s free speech and their right to protest.  But Bercovici, a former attorney, explains that this speech has become much more. It incites violence, there are death threats and physical assaults.  These are not covered by the legal right to free speech.

Trudeau has also announced that he is willing to take in thousands of Gazan refugees under his Family Reunification Program.  Needless to say, Canadians were not thrilled with this announcement.  You see, Canadians got a glimpse of what a Muslim-run country would look like last Christmas when protestors terrified children in malls who were trying to get to Santa Claus.  These protesters screamed at the people for celebrating Christmas while Palestinians suffered.  This was when Canadians got a good dose of what it means to support the Pro-Palestinian movement.

According to CBC News ( December 19, 2023), the Toronto police reported that antisemitism makes up 53% of hate crimes since the war began.  It is up by 211%.  That number will keep rising.  According to Bercovici, Canada is now on track to have the highest percentage of Muslims than any other country by 2030, with the exception of Ireland.  Average Canadians are scared. And Canadian Jews are even more scared.

On the YouTube show, Heretic,, the host Andrew Gold interviews Yasmin Mohammed, a woman who escaped her marriage to a radical Islamist.

After her mother divorced her father, her mother remarried a radical Islamist.  Yasmin was forced to grow up in the home of this man, attend radical Islamist schools, and wear a hijab.  At nineteen, she married an al-Qaeda terrorist to please her mother, and she was beaten by her husband.   Her mother explained to her that this was his right.  After the birth of her daughter, she knew she had to get away, and she escaped.  In this interview, she explains the psychology of the radical Islamist movement.

She explains that the text of Islam teaches that if you are a believer, it is your duty to spread Islam via any means.  She points out that history has demonstrated this.  Islam began on a small peninsula, and it has proliferated dramatically.  The hope of the Muslim countries is for Islam to continue to spread.  Historically this was a simple task.  Members of other religions were threatened – convert or die.  Now other tactics are utilized.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s, Muslims developed “The Hundred-Year Plan”.  They wanted to get their caliphate back. They were already in the Middle East, and now they needed to focus on the West.  But they needed to find another way, other than through violence, to accomplish this.  One method they came up with was through the “wombs of the Muslim mothers”.  You can have multiple wives, each one will procreate, and soon the Muslims will gain a majority or at least a significant minority in the political systems of their Western countries.  This is how they would gain power.  Another similar tactic is immigration which is used in order to achieve the same goals.  Both of these tactics have been utilized in Canada (as we have seen from the “Islamic Radicalism in Canada” report mentioned above), and we are witnessing the results.

Another tactic is to use “Woke” Western ideals against themselves. Yasmin explains that the term “Islamophobia” was created by Iran as a tactic to prevent criticism of  Islam.  It is okay to criticize just about anything, but the moment you criticize Islam it is called out as Islamophobia.   The point of this is to utilize Western ideals to protect Islam.  Yasmin explains that this is all by design, and at this point, you don’t even need Muslims to scream “Islamophobia” because there are plenty of college students (she calls them “dumb kids”) to do it for them.  She explains that Islamist terrorists are laughing at these college students.  She said in Iran when the Iranian radical regime was taking over, they teamed up with the socialists, communists, and the left, just like Hamas is doing.   The Iranian regime used these people and once they were no longer useful, Iran eliminated them.

The concept of free speech is another example of using liberal culture against itself.  Muslims argue that their violent demonstrations are examples of free speech, (sound familiar Canada?).  The liberal politicians are buying into this and arguing that they have no right to stop these demonstrations.  Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, these politicians have become active participants in the Muslim “Hundred-year plan”.

In the current atmosphere of extremes, it is only a matter of time before the two contemporary radical elements of society collide;  Extremes in general are only destructive.  The extreme “woke” liberal culture of the West is destroying the moral fabric of its own society and placing everyone within it at risk.  The extreme culture of Islam has overshadowed all traces of moderate Islam.  This is what we are seeing on the streets of Canada:  The war between extreme Islam and extreme liberalism.  Radical Islamists planned this showdown a hundred years ago.  Now we just have to wait and see if the West will wake up and notice.

About the Author
Cheryl Levi is a writer and a high school English teacher who lives with her family in Bet Shemesh, Israel. She has a master's degree in medieval Jewish philosophy and has written numerous articles about faith crisis in Judaism. Her book, Reasonable Doubts, was published in 2010.