Canada Post Aids and Abets Anti-Semitism

Why is Canada Post, a Canadian government agency, delivering a newspaper that defames Jews and denies the Holocaust?

I asked myself that question yesterday after the postman delivered a batch of mail. Among the letters and flyers stuffed into my mailbox was Your Ward News, a quarterly which claims to be “the world’s largest anti-Marxist publication.”

As I flipped through the 20-page tabloid, which is snarky, smarmy, sexually-charged and graphically crude, I was overcome by mounting indignation, anger, nausea and puzzlement.

As Canadian author and political consultant Warren Kinsella states, Your Ward News is a “hate sheet” that decries “the ZioMarxist-controlled mainstream media,” glorifies “white nationalism,” praises the now-defunct neo-Nazi Heritage Front, promotes Holocaust denial and excoriates “the illegitimate Zionist apartheid state of Israel that holocausts Palestinians.”

Glancing through it, I underlined a few choice sentences:

“(Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau takes most of his orders from the London-based James Rothschild family…”

Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, “committed the treasonous act of surrendering control of the Bank of Canada to the Rothschild family in 1974 (a crime for which he should have been executed, the penalty for High Treason.”

“The biggest lie of the 20th century is that ‘6 million Jews were gassed’ (there were no gas chambers, only a few thousand Jews tragically died due to starvation and a typhus epidemic that rapidly spread through the concentration camps at the end of the war, and there is ZERO DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE of a planned extermination of Jews by Adolf Hitler).”

“Justin (Trudeau) continues to do the bidding of his ZioMarxist overlords.”

“So as Palestinians are being systematically slaughtered, our Puppet PM … propagates the myth of a FAKE Holocaust in Germany and he votes to suppress the memory of a REAL Holocaust in Gaza!

On its back page, The Ward News invites readers to “the 1st annual Toronto old-fashioned anti-Marxist book burning,” at which books by “FemiMarxist garbage” authors like Margaret Atwood, among others, will be “dropped into the fire pit.”

The Ward News is edited by James Sears, an ethnic Greek whose family immigrated to Canada in 1953. Sears is also the founder of the New Constitution Party of Canada, which describes itself as a federal party “based on Libertarian doctrine, Christian values and National Socialist ideology.”

By profession, Sears is a doctor who served in the Canadian armed forces. His medical licence was revoked by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons in the early 1990s for professional misconduct on charges of sexual impropriety.

The newspaper is owned by Leroy St. Germaine, an apparent music promoter in the Beaches, a sedate neighborhood in Toronto.

Their filthy and disgusting rag carries a bold-face headline over each page: “Delivered by Canada Post to 300,000 homes, businesses and apartments, with a readership of over one million.”

And herein lies a problem that should be fixed immediately.

As Kinsella observes in his blog, Your Ward News is “white supremacist and antisemitic. And our public mail service should not ever be helping to disseminate it.”

Kinsella, the author of Web of Hate, a survey of organized racism in Canada, has tried to convince Canada Post that it should not be delivered.

A few years ago, he contacted the then minister in charge of the federal agency, Lisa Raitt, and asked her to take appropriate action.

Her press secretary replied, “I strongly condemn any acts of discrimination or antisemitism. The content in these flyers do not represent the government and the government’s beliefs. Canada Post is an arms-length crown corporation responsible for its own operations, please contact Canada Post regarding this matter.”

Canada Post contends it’s responsible for the delivery of mail, not its contents.

Earlier this month, the National Observer reported, Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman contacted Public Works Minister Judy Foote, who oversees the operations of Canada Post.

Warman said he was concerned that Canada Post’s distribution of The Ward News might constitute a breach to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

In a response, Foote said, “I have reviewed some of the material in question and I too find it highly offensive, well outside the norms of Canadian values. I have reached out to my office to determine the best way forward in addressing the issue. This includes whether the material constitutes an offence under the Criminal Code.”

Warman says he will pursue the matter if Canada Post continues to deliver the newspaper.

Last year, Arthur Potts, the politician who represents the Beaches in the Ontario legislature, sent Canada Post a letter asking it to reconsider its delivery of Your Ward News.

Since 2015, the Toronto police force’s Hate Crimes Unit has been investigating a complaint that the newspaper carried “several offensive and antisemitic articles and caricatures.”

According to Warman, Canada Post can stop delivering it on the basis of a precedent already set.

In the early 1980s, Canada Post stopped delivery of propaganda materials from Toronto-based neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, a German citizen who was subsequently deported to Germany on charges of inciting racial hatred.

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