Cancel Culture is Low-Hanging Fruit Compared to China’s Genocide

Why does it feel that the news media is more concerned with who the next person is that’s going to be cancelled rather than reporting on a genocide in China? A society that is completely obsessed with de-platforming someone because they do not agree with their views, to the degree where that is mostly what one sees in a week long news cycle, is completely inept at solving real problems. Consider the ongoing genocide of 1 million Uighur Muslims in China. NBC reels with coverage over Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Rogan, yet has barely any comment with respect to China’s vicious human rights violations:
“Guthrie and the three other pundits who joined for NBC’s coverage of the opening ceremony made a few brief mentions of China’s human rights violations, although their words sometimes left much to be desired.”
To be sure, it is not without merit to be bothered by Whoopi Goldberg’s ill-informed rhetoric about the Holocaust or Rogan’s choice of guests. As a Jewish person and someone who believes strongly in the case for Covid vaccination, I understand. But why are we putting so much of our time and energy to these minute matters? Why does it seem as if some folks full time jobs are to dig up old clips of someone in order to get them fired? Since when is it beneficial to decide something that someone said 10 years ago is offensive now instead of attempting to solve some of our biggest problems we face in this present moment? Frankly, cancel culture is low-hanging fruit and we have bigger fish to fry.
The U.S and a small number of other countries have instituted a diplomatic boycott of the Olympic games, but none have pulled out their participation completely. While it may be too late for the athletes to pull out, the rest of us still have our freedom to choose to not watch the Beijing 2022 Olympic games. It is a moral imperative. Given the astonishing similarities between the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Germany and Beijing in 2022, we are quite literally watching history repeat itself.
Imagine if millions of people decided to not tune into the games in any capacity. The ratings may plummet and perhaps the dictatorial regime of Xi Jinping would receive a message that the world stands against your genocide. But of course, this will not be enough. We must display to our representatives, in Congress and in the Senate, in local districts, in houses of worship, in schools, and any other structures that wish to retain a just and moral society, that we demand more action to put this genocide to an end.

The Beijing Olympics looks a lot like Nazi Germany’s – The Forward

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Josh Less is a freelance writer and amateur podcaster. His interests range from Middle Eastern History and politics to musical history to philosophy. He is currently studying for a Master's in Jewish Education at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.
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