Caring for Others

Caring for others isn’t easy when we live in a world of mistrust. I love people but find it hard to jump in and help someone on the street when there are that many bad things happening out there.

Better safe than sorry is a good motto for those who wish to save others. I no longer take risks with unknown people no matter how bad I could feel. I have family responsibilities which make me care more for my well-being so my daughter won’t grow up without a father.

You can count on your loved ones who depend on you, so please watch them grow up. With the threat of so many versions of violence, I don’t need to suffer from any of them. The bottom line is I pray now rather than jump into the fight.

I pray for peace to come to the Middle Eastern countries which support Israel. Egypt and other countries I feel don’t wish global harm upon anyone. World Religions come together

I didn’t become a pacifist I became older placing my trust in first responders. The many soldiers around the world also protect us from harm not only the institutions. You can pray with me for them as well.

Sometimes I wait for the wrath of God to befall those who support BDS or other promoted HAMAS linked groups. I don’t protest world religions even if they go against other faiths and cultures. I don’t believe NATO countries will tear down holy sites or religious facilities even if inevitable war comes.

Faith in God will restore us one day to a better understanding of secular beliefs which will draw us into humanitarianism. Anyone that identifies themselves as the human can count on not being betrayed by faithfulness. You can find faith in a higher power rather than worship low spirits.

There is yet to be a savior of this time and place or at least a witness to our current world misfortunes. I am not speaking of the date of the New Testament but of our new circumstances which may seem like we are facing Armageddon.

There are three main religions which have grown to massive proportions accepting those of all races to their version of secularism. Judaism comes first than Christianity followed by Islam with the books in order from Old Testament or Torah than New Testament with the Quran coming after.

You won’t find me saying bad things about the faiths just mentioned except I see unreasonableness or lacking understanding of others in some adherents to faith. Blind belief in a teacher of any of those books is not spiritual but foolish. Those that do that are worshipping Man, not God which leads to assumptions guiding you down a false path.

I respect many men and women without worshipping them for their special talents. We rise above others when we pray for those without belief in God. There are places other than Heaven where the worshippers of Man fall. I don’t intend on becoming one of them.

We may all worship the same God if it is, in fact, a Higher Power we can look up to as faultless with us striving to come close to his image. Worshipping God is not only for the saint but those who wish to rise from sin. I have read Tarot for more than twenty years which came after a fascination with Astrology.

Being involved in the spiritual community has put me in contact with those that practice voodoo types of religion. I don’t feel there are mystical aspects to those that practice taking control of or torturing other spirits. Praying for the release of souls is soul cleansing to anyone that prays in any faith for the liberation of others from human bondage.

Charity trusts are a better place to put the energy of helping others on display for God. Volunteering for those less fortunate can be soul cleansing as well for those that don’t have money to bring forward.

There aren’t that many people involved in immoral acts which go directly against God unless provoked by mental illness drug addiction or other practices which corrupt them morally. I feel most people can repent which could restore humanity if there was ever a great effort to heal others.

Not long ago I published an article regarding Opioids which mentioned addiction crises could end individually. I wrote this article after asking questions from a Health Care professional I trusted. In Alberta, Health Care services integrated with first responders make Albertans fortunate in crisis situations.

If religious leaders could work together to heal spiritual issues with the same intent, we would be looking at endless possibilities towards peace. I feel religious leaders who work together face divides from within their faith. It is possible that I could write an article which my daughter could read one day that makes her proud.

We don’t need to wait for a wise rabbi-priest pastor or Imam to come forward with the right message we just need to listen to the words already out there written over many generations.

I believe that there are enough answers to our painful situations though we only look for them when threatened as individuals rather than humanity as a whole. I also think that humanity is currently facing some of its worst threats since WWII.

Martin Luther King and John Lennon both talked about coming together in Peace with others. Dividers are out there with the internet being fortunate or unfortunate for those who blindly follow what they read. I love the opportunities the Internet brings us, but because of the mental state of some out there, we may need to look at what is on it with a keen just eye.

In wrapping this up, I would just like to mention how good it has been reconnecting to worshipping in a new faith with others. I believe I belong to a secular group that supports peace and good will to others spreading the messages from real books.

There are enough words out there for our children to grow up in the right manner. To all reading this article I wish you an excellent day filled with peace.

About the Author
Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.