Carly Fiorina: America’s Iron Lady

An incredible woman has launched her campaign for the US Presidency. A friend of Israel and a foreign policy hawk, Carly shows promise.

If you are unfamiliar with Carly Fiorina’s background consider watching this video which explains why Carly Fiorina is so beloved by her supporters.

Carly Fiorina former Hewlett-Packard CEO.
Carly Fiorina former Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Carly fought her way up the corporate food chain in the tech industry. An innovator at AT&T’s male-dominated network division, she excelled as a tech executive. When AT&T spun off that division as Lucent Technologies, she led what was then the largest IPO in history. Silicon Valley’s giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP), recruited Carly to run the company. Carly Fiorina was the first female CEO of a Fortune 20 company. Over six years as CEO, she modernized the company and streamlined its processes, merged with Compaq, and opened several new markets for HP. She worked to keep the company afloat through the difficult Dot Bomb years. By the end of her tenure, HP had regained its position as a market leader. Unfortunately, leadership makes enemies, HP’s listless and incoherent Board of Directors would ultimately dismiss her, a decision its membership would come to regret. Carly focused on charitable causes for some years thereafter, including the effort to alleviate poverty in the developing world. She ran for Senate as a Republican in the hopelessly Democrat state of California in 2010.

America’s Iron Lady

Like Margaret “Maggie” Thatcher, who earned the moniker, “the Iron Lady” for taking a stand against Argentinian dictator Juan Perón in the Falklands War, Carly has taken a tough stance on foreign policy. She has served as a defense consultant on high tech security matters and has already helped to improve our nation’s cyber security. Foreign policy and national defense are among her many strengths. As the CEO of a multi-national corporation, Carly worked with many world leaders at various levels. As a business leader she is experienced in negotiation and conflict resolution. She has also demonstrated a firm grasp of defense policy by pressing for the rebuilding of the US 6th Fleet to counter Russia, and has called for an increase in the number of Army combat divisions.

Being prepared for conflict is the best way to avoid one. Other candidates are way behind these details, still pondering, for example, whether to meet with Putin to try to work out a deal. Why would Putin want a deal? He has the position of power. Carly understands that until this tyrant is shown the might and will of the American people he will not back down.

Carly on the Campaign Trail.
Carly on the Campaign Trail.

Staunch Defender of Israel

Carly Fiorina has been a vocal opponent of the Iran deal, noting that Iran needed the deal more than the US. She has criticized President Obama for failing to secure from Iran any concession, like ceasing its efforts to seize control of the Arabs states or its constant proxy attacks on Israel. No effort was made to alleviate the abominable human rights situation within Iran either. Like many Republican candidates this year, Fiorina has expressed concern for America’s souring relationship with Israel.

The Potential of Women

In the world today, women are a largely untapped economic potential. A generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives could be raised from among the world’s female population. In this video, she describes the accomplishments, contributions, and potential of women in the American economy. The world needs an advocate for women’s rights and aspirations in a time when Islamic State and Iran are brashly abusing women.


Carly Fiorina reminds me more of the mature female leaders more common in Europe, South America, and Israel. For some reason American feminists seem to think that Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez dancing virtually nude on a stage is somehow representative of women’s freedom. Meanwhile, European feminists have landed women in major leadership positions in business and politics, the aforementioned Maggie Thatcher and Angela Merkel, among others. In Israel, female CEOs are known for their strict devotion to results. Carly can inspire this kind of feminine leadership in the United States and promote a more professional, dignified image for women’s rights. Carly is also a breast cancer survivor who raises awareness of women’s health issues.

Learn more about Carly Fiorina by visiting her campaign website or Facebook page.

About the Author
Isaac Kight earned his MBA at Bar-Ilan University in 2010. He served as a volunteer for the Knesset State Control Committee from 2009 to 2010. Isaac has a broad experience of Jewish community and religion in the US and Israel.