Maiyan Karidi
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Caterpillar moon

Caterpillar moon

One lonesome night in Africa

Three miles from gloom lagoon

I chanced upon a caterpillar

Smiling in the moon


I gazed at him inquiringly

As time waved from a star

Then asked him for directions

To a place north of afar


Somewhere I’d feel free again

Free to simply be

And not to feel the shame I feel

For seeing what I see


The wise old worm

(who’d been smiling in the moon since nothingness began)

Agreed to guide me with his light

Until I reached my promised land


But first he sent a raven black

To gather my regrets

“they’ll weigh you down”

The worm declared

“best lay them all to rest”


So the raven came and took my burdens

Cast them deep as hate

Into the dreaded gloom lagoon

Three miles from twist of fate


Well I reached my long-lost promised land

Thanks to my neon tear

And when I sense my solitude

My caterpillar moon is near.

About the Author
Maiyan studied art at Ruth Prowse in Cape Town and anthropology, linguistics and Hebrew at University of South Africa. Made aliya. Trained in mosaic restoration in Israel. Joint owner of Mystica Art and Design with husband (Ceramic Design at Betsalel). Ceramic design, mosaic art, painting, public and private art commissions. Initiated and collaborated with art projects in South Africa, Israel, Fiji, Mauritius. Writer of short stories about surreal experiences and Jewish identity.
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