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Celebrating Easter 2020 with Pastor Paula White—Cindy’s Corners

Easter is a week away. President Trump is discussing how Easter is challenging for him personally and professionally. We wants to figure out ways to open churches with social distancing but realizes that likely it will be a thought and will choose the option of joining a service through his computer.

I know how I, my friends and now my future constituents are turning to prayer during these unpredictable times. I am actually looking forward to my Passover celebration, as I think people’s memories will look back at 2020 as a time of simplicity, honesty and true traditions.

So many have had to rearrange travel plans, holiday preparations and cancel usual traditions like going to department stores to update wardrobes, garden and shop for seasonal foods going to outdoor markets and browsing specialty small shops.

So, how do my Christian friends feel about the upcoming Easter celebrations and fulfilling the communion and festive meals?

I reached out to my personal friend, Pastor Paula White. She is a name familiar to most you too. We spend almost an hour discussing Easter, Faith, and Overcoming Coronavirus.

Paula White is the Personal Minister, And Spiritual Adviser To President Donald J. Trump. She is author of the book Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials. She hosts the television show, Paula White Today. She spoke to me not as a representative of the Trump Administration, but as a Pastor available to all through her website and social media. She wants everyone, and she emphasized everyone, who seeks faith or an person to listen during these times to reach out.

I finished my phone interview truly inspired myself. I assumed many would question faith at this time. White proved to me I was wrong.

“It is a time of faith, unity, and working together like never before,”

People who usually don’t or have never before reached out to God or religious leaders are now seeking guidance and support like never before.

White told me through constant conference calls and continuous contact with over 4,000 pastors throughout the United States. Regardless of church size, location or religious demonization, churches are joining together like never before. Whether it’s setting up food banks, delivering to senior centers or running emergency errands, we are working together.

Pastors have warned members to stay within the guidelines of what federal, state and local governments have set in their communities.

This Too Shall Pass

Easter celebrations will be meaningful yet different this year. Parents are explaining to children the importance of creating Easter eggs but hunting differently, using the term physical rather than social distancing and sharing the holidays with loved ones through FaceTime and Zoom.

Communion wafers and the wines and grape juices have been adjusted to meet both religious and government guidelines.

Meals are still festive, but smaller.

White explained that like Jews, before great happenings, there is a time of questioning and bad occurrences.

Like Jews, Christians who make pilgrimages to Israel are asked to refrain from travel.

She is encouraged that more people will look to Good Friday and Easter Sunday as a time of hope and future.

Words of Encouragement

White has been giving daily sermons everyone can join. Topics so far have included:
Choosing Faith Over Fear
Prayers That Stop A Plague
People Coming Together

We also discussed praying for President Trump and all at risk everyday to get through these times.

Photo: Paula White

White’s book details her support for President Trump. Trump is becoming increasingly frustrated with the state of the economy, and has begun to discuss options for reopening parts of the country that have been on lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.

Discover Pastor Paula’s strength throughout her inspiring faith journey as well as your own spiritual gifts as you read her honest and stirring story. Early in Paula’s life, she didn’t know God, but there was always a pull to something greater. Once she prayed for salvation at the age of eighteen, Paula finally understood the meaning of grace and purpose, and realized God had been taking care of her the whole time.

Paula shares her journey of faith in Something Greater, what she calls “a love letter to God from a messed up Mississippi girl.” She details feeling led to a higher calling as a child, how she came to serve others as a female pastor, and what led to being asked to become spiritual advisor to President Donald Trump.

Something Greater encourages readers to know and understand the “something greater” that is in all of them, and will teach them how to cling to Jesus Christ in times of need and abundance.

Evangelist and Pastor, Paula White is a celebrated author and teacher, beloved grandmother, mother and mentor, popular TV personality, entrepreneur and spirit-led preacher of God’s Word. By sharing her story of overcoming tragedy and finding restoration through the power of Christ, she has impacted people from every walk of life in more than 120 countries worldwide. Get to know Paula and the causes God has laid upon her heart for those in desperate need both spiritually and physically.

Paula White-Cain is the spiritual advisor to President Donald Trump. She hosts Paula White Today, and is a renowned life coach, bestselling author, and highly sought after motivational speaker. Paula’s commitment to humanity is felt worldwide as she reaches out through numerous charities and compassion ministries, fulfilling her mission and call to transform lives, heal hearts, and win souls. She lives in the Orlando area with her husband, Jonathan Cain.


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