Celebrating Life

There are many aspects of life that are hard. Occasionally life is painful.

The challenges in life, which happen daily, cause moments of small drama. Another name for this drama can be anguish, invisibility, not being heard, frustration or many other names. It is possible that these small dramas become a way of life. each day contains them. People do not respond to small drama on purpose. In fact it seems like this is the way the body responds naturally to challenge with small drama.

There is another way of experiencing life. It is called Celebration. It begins with the idea that each day there are challenges to respond to, which build strength and stamina within each person. The secret of these challenges is that the way I approach them decides how my day will go, how I will think about my day and how I will think about myself, my life and about other people.

The small drama way usually sees life as being unnecessarily hard, sees myself as insufficient and sees other people as morons or worse. The Celebration model sees life as a course designed to build my strengths, stamina , creativity and gratitude. When I see life as a celebration I am energized, feel pride an the achievement of the day and can practice saying good job or nice going!

Giving myself a good word may appear silly, however we say negative words to ourselves throughout the day. Saying a positive word like Well Done, and you are the Man create the experience of celebrating life in stead of putting up with life. We can also begin to celebrate the little wonders of life as well. We can celebrate a sweet night with our marriage partner, a nice day with our children and even a peaceful day spent alone. BY beginning to make celebration more then it invite small drama to become less important even a waste of time!

When we have a nice morning with our child we can say Thank you for such a nice morning!

When we go out to eat with the family and the children behave we can celebrate by saying You acted so nicely!

This is making celebration the important and preferred focus in our life instead of small dramas! In my professional role as a counselor I have seen as people switch their focus from drama to celebration, their day become sweeter and easier. Other changes also occur like feeling happier to be who they are and more accepting of others as well!

The switch is easy. Each day I invite challenge, and focus on developing strength and creativity through the challenge. At the end of each challenge I give myself and others a good word about the experience. Life becomes an adventure in place of being a pain in the neck.

Good luck!

About the Author
Chana Rochel Frumin is the founder/director of The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute with over 30 years experience in marital and family counseling in the Jerusalem area.