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Celebrating Passover in New York City: Insights from a New Yorker

As a former resident of New York, I know just how overwhelming it can be going into New York City. The traffic is intense, there’s almost too much to do, but when it comes to Passover, there are a lot of great activities to enjoy.

Traditional events can be found all around the city, and it’s the perfect option to connect with your family members while celebrating Passover.

Museum at Eldridge Street

The Museum at Eldridge Street (12 Eldridge Street to be exact) is on the Lower East Side, and it’s filled with Jewish-related activities. April 4, the museum celebrated the Giants of the Lower East Side: Passover Walking Tour.

While you may have missed the tour, you can recreate it for yourself.

Start your walk down the Lower East Side starting from the Eldridge Street Synagogue and make your way to the Bialystoker Synagogue. The tour can also be booked privately through the Lower Eastside Jewish Conservancy.

The Museum is also a must-explore, with a look into the men and women that helped form the Synagogue.

Tour Central Park

Central Park is known as a hotspot for younger Sabbath-observant Jews to come and mingle. The scene is filled with residents from the Upper West Side, and it’s not uncommon for Central Park to be a busy spot at this time of year.

You can choose to tour the park on your own, or you can book one of the many Central Park tours that will bring you to the park’s nicest spots.

The Great Lawn is a must-see, and this is where you’ll find many of the young residents of the Upper West Side gathering.

Even if you don’t have the chance to visit Central Park during Passover, you can make it a day trip before you leave the city.

Explore Food around the City

You shouldn’t go to New York and miss out on all of the food. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll find premier kosher restaurants serving Passover dishes that make touring the city on a full stomach possible.

Every year, there’s something different to enjoy, but the go-to restaurants are:

  • Le Marais. Located at 150 West 46th Street, the restaurant has its own Passover schedule, and there’s a kosher Passover menu to enjoy. Special dishes are common, and last year the restaurant offered takeout options for seder plates.
  • Green Fig. A modern Israeli restaurant, the Green Fig is on 570 10th Avenue on the fourth floor of the Yotel and offers bold and flavorful dishes. Fried Stuffed Matzo was served as a Passover brunch last year – it was delightful.

You’ll also find many restaurants serving Passover inspired dishes and events, including:

New York is filled with fun activities during Passover, and while you may have missed a lot of the city’s events already, there’s still plenty of fun to enjoy. Spend time with your family, mak

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