CES 2017 – For Israeli Companies Not Everything Stays in Vegas!

The first week in January brings the Annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES).  Israel has more than 500 consumer electronics and digital media companies.  These companies active in mobile devices, smart home technology, smart TVs, video and gaming, automotive, wearables the internet of things and many other areas now defined as consumer electronics

Fifteen companies from Israel will be in Las Vegas for this annual event, described by Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro as having around 175,000 people, at the show with over 2.5 million square feet of space and 3,800 exhibitors.

As technology hopes to make everything from healthcare to your household appliances “smarter” and connected, the big question this year for those attending and displaying at CES is what is useful smart and was is needless smart.  Just because we can connect something, does automatically mean it is useful.  Those technologies that have a bases in the market based on usefulness will be the ones who have the greatest opportunity for market success.

Let take a look at the companies from Israel as the show kicks-off on Thursday, January 5 and runs through Sunday, January 8, 2017. (Information provided by the Israel Export Institute)

  • 2breathe Technologies – uses smart, connected technology to deliver the ancient wisdom of sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner. Guiding tones composed from the user’s breathing prolong exhalation to reduce neural sympathetic activity and induce sleep.
  • Alango – uses algorithms and software to enhance the fidelity of the user’s voice whether talking to a human or automatic speech recognition system. Technologies portfolio includes speech enhancement with single and multi-microphone noise reduction, stereo echo cancellation, personalized hearing enhancement, audio enhancement.
  • Beyond Verbal – has developed a specialized, scientific approach for evaluating the human voice. By listening to the intonations and modulations of the human voice – we are now able to understand speaker’s true emotions and potentially even derive health insights in a non-intrusive, continuous and passive manner.
  • Cinema2Go – has developed a unique optical solution for Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to transform smartphones into virtual Cinema-Theater screens. Our MoGo system does not require split screen or side by side video playback and preserves all pixels to provide crisp picture quality.
  • CMOO Systems – seamlessly transforms any light switch or bulb into an IoT device without the need to change wires or use a battery. CMOO’s PeX and TeX modules allow devices to draw DC voltage and power up CPU, touch display and multiple sensors on both ends of the circuit. Hence we do away with the need for a neutral wire that typically doesn’t exist in the switch side. We don’t care which wireless radio is in use and let the different technologies to talk each other.
  • Digisense – Wearable real time monitoring, designed to respond to the needs of baby and geriatric care during the most critical stages of their lives. For babies it helps prevent crib death, monitor hydration levels, urine quantity and quality, and minimize irritation to skin. For the elderly, monitor quality care, empowering confidence, independence, and dignity.
  • Idomoo – Personalized Video Platform empowers brands to communicate with customers in a highly relevant, engaging way through the use of Personalized Video. Achieve direct impact on engagement, conversion and retention when leveraging emotionally driven, one-to-one communications that only video can provide.
  • Imagry – has developed a visual recognition engine that can be embedded in any device, without the need for internet connectivity. Imagry combines Cognitive Psychology with state-of-the-art technology in Deep Learning and has invented techniques to scale visual recognition while at the same time keeping the computational footprint very low.
  • KADO -is an innovative category of electric chargers. Our patent pending technology enables us to produce super-slim (3mm/0.09 inch), extra-small, ultra-lightweight and highly portable chargers for electronic devices.
  • Meeba – is the new connected doorbell that creates a personalized experience for welcoming guests to our home. Meeba greets the guest with a song of the host’s choice and over time with a unique song for each person that approaches.
  • MySize – main product, MySizeID, enables consumers to measure themselves, via their Smartphone, and match their measurements with a retailer’s size chart.
  • Nano Dimension – their DragonFly 2020 printing platform for the production of professional multilayer printed circuit boards and 3D circuitry, brings the benefits of 3D printing to electronics professionals. This platform, combines 3D inkjet, nanomaterials and software to produce circuit prototypes in-house, faster and more efficiently than outsourcing.
  • Radiomize – turns any car into a connected car, in seconds. With Radiomize’s smart steering wheel cover, the digital driving experience is reinvented, by enabling: (i) In-wheel gesture control (ii) Read aloud incoming text messages (iii) Personalize music & news channels (iv) active safety features.
  • Say Wear – game-changing social media platform for wearables that’s poised to change the way people express themselves in public and improve social interactions.
  • TytoCare – is a complete telehealth experience that delivers easy, affordable, high quality telehealth visits, complete with medical exams of the heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin and temperature, all from the comfort of home.From how you answer your doorbell to how you drive your care to a virtual doctor’s visit.  Israel is bringing an exciting group of companies to CES.  Stay tuned to see which one of them will be able to pass the test – Useful Smart…. Needless Smart.  They all seem to be poised to be classified as useful, Israel has been a head of the curve in understanding markets and market needs.  This has been a significant reason for the record of success Israel startups have enjoyed.  These innovations will not stay in Vegas!


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Tom Sudow is the Director of the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Ashland University , Founder TLR, Venture Partner MeOhr Ventures, Venture Partner SCI, and serves as an advisor to publicly trade companies and start ups
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