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Challenge for change in Kenya

Photo: AIES Center for Transboundary Water Management.

What if games could connect with our playful nature and also spark a viral social change that would transform the world into a new global community, grounded in diverse principles that promote creative imagination, collaborative actions, human rights, social justice, self-determination and inclusion? These overarching holistic approaches to finding pathways for humans to transition into sustainability and self-sufficiency has a special significance to Joseph Mufutu — who also serves as Ting Global Cultural Ambassador in Israel. 

Mr. Mufutu who is originally from Kenya in Africa, is an Alumni of two Israeli premier Agricultural and Environmental institutions, and also recently completed the JNF Joint institute for Food, Water, and Energy Security program, focusing on Community-led Development with the University of Arizona (UA), Arava Institute of Environmental Studies (AIES), and the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT). 

Mufutu believes that the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals holds the power to bring hope and opportunities to the youthful generation of Kenya.

“In a bid to strengthen and accelerate the change process towards achieving the SDGs by 2030,  I joined Challenge 18 -Sustainability and Leadership Challenge with the aim of localizing the SDGs into Africa by providing essential information and resources to the marginalized communities, whose access to mainstream global development agenda are limited.” He added, “working with Challenge 18 has enabled me to understand the power of voluntary local actions inspired by behavior change using simple popular tools like the Challenge 18 Whatsapp groups.” 

Image: internet tokens as a bonus reward are offered to motivate the players during the challenge.

Challenge 18: Sustainability and Leadership Training in Kakuma Refugee Camp

After completing his first challenge, Mufutu began collaborating with Santoz Criss, who facilitates a community-based organization with volunteers in conducting psychosocial support and WASH activities in Kakuma. Santos, 26 years old, arrived in Kenya 10 years ago from Congo, and exclaimed that life in the refugee camp is not as easy. In fact, it is about uncertainty, surviving, struggles, and being patient while hoping for a better tomorrow. Despite all the hardships of being a refugee, Santoz is passionate about transformational leadership and is on a mission to inspire social change through the rapidly growing Challenge 18- sustainability and leadership training in the camp. He is open for a collaborative partnership with groups/clubs and organizations with his readiness to join his groups to help provide multidisciplinary support to help his diverse vulnerable community become self-sufficient and resilient to global crisis. Learn More about Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya (Africa).

How Does Challenge 18 Work?

Mufutu explains that, behind the scenes of active invitation across the social media network, the 18 Days Sustainability Challenge begins automatically when 50+ participants join the challenge using their whatsapp. 

The training program offers participants in the process different and varied options for changing habits as part of a group process to create positive social feedback.

The training program offers participants options such as personalization according to age groups and leading values according to the choice made by the leading teacher.

The program also offers collaborative competition between schools/clubs/ organizations from around the world partnering in achieving the SDGs.

One of the main challenges facing humanity today is the education systems that lack sufficient adaptability in addressing the current global crisis. The Challenge 18 training programs promote learning, reflection and actions, hence raising curiosity, engagement and understanding of values related to SDG’s.

Challenge 18 is now played by tens of thousands of people with over 500 educators from over 50 countries around the world, and today the challenge has been translated into other languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and Swahili my national language.

Collaborations with local change activists, like Santos from Kakuma camp, inspires many into changing Challenge 18 into a lifestyle, a new global culture of people ready to change themselves for the world. 

What is the Message to the World?

There is an urgent call to change agents, teachers, and students. The digital wisdom era is here and it is not about the tools or the platforms; instead, it is about the new social culture of values that inspire unique individual change, preparing your students for the future which is already here.

The world is looking for ways to ensure peace and taking these actions could help contribute toward that essential goal. Mufutu’s experience in the intra-group dialogue peace-building Leadership Seminar in the Arava Institute, focusing on the Jewish-Arabs cultural and political conflicts, gave him a unique insight into exploring and confronting multiple themes of identity, nationalism, land, and history.

These concepts of conflict around the specific cultural and political issues arise within all diverse societies of the world. Therefore, learning to embrace openness and the willingness to engage, with an emphasis on listening to other narratives, reflection, self-knowledge as well as cultural awareness is extremely important, especially in tense confrontations.

Everyone needs to unite in their own versions of peace and change in order to heal the world.

VIDEO: JOIN CHALLENGE 18 -Sustainability & Leadership Training in Kenya, Africa. Change Begins in Us.

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