Aaron Herman

Chanukah Gifts & Innovation

Chanukah is a time for friends and family to come together, celebrate and exchange gifts. This year, there are some incredible tools and gifts that will enhance anyone’s Chanukah gatherings.

This year, Chanukah coincided with Christmas. How do you compete with your neighbors? One answer, Chanuakh Laser Lights. Chanuakh Laser Lights provides an amazing laser show for your home. Just plug, stake into the ground & point and watch the green laser sparkle your home with Dreidels, Menorah and Moving Lights to create the ultimate home Chanukah Laser Show.

Ugly Chanukah apparel has become mainstream over the last several years. Shinesty a company that prides itself on creating the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen created Chanukah sweaters and sport jackets. Having worn their apparel at my own holiday party I can defiantly say you stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking to support Israel and show you are part of pro- Israel community One948 has you covered. After achieving their goal on Kickstarter, One948 launched an online store where you can purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. One948 aims to strengthen the unity of Israel supporters worldwide through apparel, while simultaneously putting 10% of our profits back into non-profit organizations that help Israel.

If you love traveling, having the right gear is critical. After raising over 9 million dollars on Kickstarter Baubax created a swiss army knife of jackets. Baubax travel jacket comes with 15 features, including a neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, stylus pen, tech pockets and much more. Four styles of jackets, Sweatshirts, Windbreakers, Bombers and Blazers are available in both men and women, in a variety of sizes and color options. Additionally, their blazers and bomber jackets come with detachable hoods. I was able to fit a siddur, menorah, candles, chocolate gelt, passport and much more as I was lighting my menorah on the go. If you are participating in Taglit-Birthright Israel or mission to Israel having everything on you when you hike is very helpful.

Drones are transforming the way we tell stories and share experiences. Tradition tells us that the menorah should be positioned for all to see, to publicize the Chanukah miracle. This year, we used the Yuneec Breeze 4k to get the prospective of what people see from outside the house. With little more than some taps on your phone’s screen, you can put the Breeze in the air and have it perform a handful of automated camera moves to grab photos and video clips of you and your friends and family. Then you just download them to your phone, edit and share — all fromwithin the drone’s app.

You can also fly it around manually with onscreen controls if you want to get specific aerial shots, but the range is limited to a maximum height of 80 meters (262.5 feet) and maximum distance of 100 meters (328.1 feet). Flight times tap out at 12 minutes, so you won’t want to fly it too far away from you anyway.

The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is split into two sections: Tasks and Gallery. Tap on Tasks and you’re given five options to choose from: Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey and Follow Me. Pilot has the manual controls for flying around the way any other drone would with a regular controller. However, the Breeze is designed to have the camera pointed at you and not away from you like other camera drones, so the controls are reversed.

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Aaron is a fundraiser, video journalist and growth hacker. Aaron’s segments has been featured on The Jewish Week NY,,, CNN and HLN network. Aaron holds a BA from Binghamton University and an MPA from Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at NYU. Aaron lives in White Plains, NY with his wife Tani and his son Michael and Ari.