Chanukah reflection – Family Values!

Dear Father HaRav HaChossid, HaRav HaTomim, Osek Be’tzarchei Tzibor Vechulu, Reb Nachman Z’’L ben HaRav HaChossid Reb Pinchas Z’’L,

We, your children and grandchildren, miss you daily; your soft smile and kind look would open Heart of any rock.

Nachman Sudak

Why Chanukah is so special to our Jewish identity? We know that Jewish nation won other wars prior, but we do not celebrate them with such a magnitude.

Our focus is on the miracle of Chanukah lights that were “burning but not actually burning”, fire did not consume pure oil that was found and sufficient enough to last just for one day. We can remember other instances of miraculous burning of the bush, where fire would not physically consume its branches.

We also read story about Yosef around Chanukah season, where all his brothers, driven by greed and jealousy over Fatherly love towards Yosef who was his favorite son. Brothers took advantage of trusting Yakov to deceive him by bringing skin of the sheep.

For Yosef, this brotherhood betrayal, such stabbing in the back was unimaginable, especially, since done by those who he would share food and linens with, by those who he would shepherd with.

We also read that later Yosef would rise like a Phoenix in a series of dramatic events, after years of detention, he would be in a position to rule over entire land of Egypt. With one of many other reasons to provide an opportunity to his Brothers to repent and do teshuva for their deeds and misconduct that happened years prior when he was a lad. But more importantly brothers had to directly admit their wrongdoings and deception of their father Yakov, who had never accepted the loss of Yosef.

There are always enemies and external sources that are looking to destroy Jewish Nation either by actual physical elimination or by causing spiritual degradation, like those Greeks, Romans, Amans, Nazis in the past destroying our Temples, burning our Books, erasing our Identities. But, nowadays, when we live in the world of unlimited potential and Free Will, we are the number one enemies to ourselves. Recent studies show consistently increasing number of intermarriages. We should always remember about such internal danger.

Dear Nachman, tonight, 17th of Tevet, 5776, your grandson Levi ben Kasriel would complete his Neshama and fulfill his mission in the most intricate manner that Hashem created in this physical world.

Tonight, under the stars, protected by the Holiness of the Chuppah, he would become whole with his Kallah. We all are going to celebrate and join Levi ben Kasriel on such a significant and joyous milestone of his life.

Seven full circles that Kallah is going to perform around Chosson has a power as equal and mighty as the destruction of Jericho walls by the Israelites.

Metaphorically, we can compare a man to a defensive town wall, the one who hide his emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities behind the shield of impenetrability of his greatness and physical strength. Thus, by walking around him, who is now a substance of her new life, Kallah actually conquers his heart inclusively with all his hidden insecurities.

Let our Family gather only on Happy & Joyous occasions in the years to come. Mazal Tov to Levi ben Kasriel and Tzaity bas Shmuel!

Dear Nachman, we all love you so much for your unconditional love and understanding, for numerous blessings that you bestow upon us, your children!

Baal Tshuva HaChossid, Osek Be’tzarchei Tzibor Vechulu, Ben Tzion ben HaChossid Boruch Chudak!

Nachman Kinus


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