Chaverim or Chazerim?

The Trump Peace Plan is the end to all deals…of this century and beyond. With his good intentions, the American president lacks total in-depth knowledge of Arab-Jewish lack of relations from 1917 to the present. He has to rely upon the emotional thoughts and ideas of his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the author of the contested plan.

Israel likes the plan. America likes the plan. Some modern Muslim nations will give it consideration. Most Muslim countries are opposed to it. The Palestinian leaders are strongly opposed to it. Most EU nations are critical or hesitant to approve it. Ergo, it stands on the sands of time, the sands of the desert which divides us.. a physical desert as well as a political desert. The winds are blowing fiercely and we have sand in our eyes.

Expansion of settlements will never be accepted by all Arabs and many Jews. The dreams of the dreamers have become our nightmares… nightmares which are on the way to dragging us into two wars. One, a civil war and the other, a war between Muslim Arabs and Israeli Jews.

No matter which war, it will be one of devastating blood-shed… ours and theirs.

The plan, although well-intended, is full of flaws. And it turns us away from being chaverim (friends) into chazerim (pigs). Not being satisfied with our land and borders as they are, we have turned into gluttons who, with open jaws and claws, seek to destroy any and all who oppose us and who dislike us.

In one breath, president Trump gives approval to annexation of most (if not all) of the West Bank and the illegal Jewish settlements. In another breath, Jared Kushner holds the reins against any immediate land-grab by Israel. Annexation— yes. But only after March elections. (The Kushner plan).

Netanyahu, on the verge of a possible prison term, will do anything, good or bad, to enhance his popularity and hopes for immunity by turning to the citizens of Israel, not seeking but rather demanding, their full support of the dead deal of the century.

Israeli (Palestinian) Arabs surprisingly come out in full force vehement in opposition to the land swaps.

According to the Trump plan, several cities and villages in which Arabs are the majority will be turned over to the forth-coming Palestinian authorities responsible for land and border changes.

Rightfully they denounce any attempt to move them or their places of habitation. Although they are Palestinian in origin and Israeli by citizenship, they 100% refuse to move from the State of Israel into the yet unknown State of Palestine.

Despite their anger against us, against the nation-state law which diminishes their citizenship rights and which designates their Arabic language from 100 years as a designated national language together with Hebrew and English into something much less than an official language, they choose to remain citizens of the Jewish state because they know full well how many good benefits they derive from our citizenship.

We are not going back to the 1967 borders. We are not going to relinquish the territory which is now in our hands.

But we can decide once-and-for-all if we want to be shchainim or son’im… neighbors or enemies.

We can be polite neighbors without loving one another. Handshakes can replace embraces. But being constant enemies is a deadly poison which will destroy us and them. Are we willing to leave our children and grandchildren only burned soil covered by desert sands blown in from across our borders… soil which has become red from the blood we and they have and will continue to shed?

Israelis, more than others, need to face reality. The Palestinians are 100% entitled to a state of their own. Enough of the nonsense that “Jordan is Palestine”.

What once was, is no longer. Jordanians are Jordanians. Palestinian are Palestinians. Israelis are Israelis. No Trump-Kushner plan will change the facts.

We have one choice before us. Either we can become chaverim (friends) or we can remain chazerim (pigs).

If the latter, God forbid, start packing your bags. Perhaps we will meet in Warsaw or Morocco or Yemen or Brooklyn… lands from which we came.

Be sure to take a small package of sacred Israeli soil with you so that you will never forget the holy land from which you may flee, chas v’chalila (God forbid).

But with the Trumped-up peace plan, you never can know.

Better to be chaverim or chazerim? The choice is not Trump’s or Kushner’s. The choice is ours !!!

Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” I am writing a sequel— “Peace and War”.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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