Children of G-d

In our day and age, in the ’50s and ’60s  growing up in Brooklyn, NY, mothers could sometimes be heard saying, “I’m going to wash that mouth out with soap.” It was not a free for all. We were expected to uphold ethics and morals of any given society. Freedom of speech was the freedom to make proper choices of words and “biting our tongue” before expressing unwanted words.

Where are mothers who have reared today’s generation? The hate and fowl words expressed by youngsters is startling. Their role models in some cases do not set a good example. In general, as a society, trashy language is the first sign of poor upbringing or at least low ethical mores.

As humans created in the image of Almighty G-d, we are blessed with the possibility of emulating our creator. We have that G-d- given right to live better and to show self-respect and self-dignity in private and especially in public.

Hearing degrading language, experiencing behavior that is hurtful, painful and shameful, is a display of debasement of the human race. It is difficult to consider people carrying on in this manner, as being educated or intellectually astute.

If there is a void to fill, if the spirit within is hungry for a higher calling, the next step should be self-improvement. Pointing at others, decrying another, is implicating oneself.

More than those being victimized, the perpetrators have wandered far away from their G-dly image bestowed at birth. The degradation of self is their very own loss in distancing themselves from the creator of all beings, equally, in His eyes.

Let us be reminded that we are all children of G-d.

About the Author
Rochel Kaplan is a communal leader. She is involved in Jewish outreach in the Maryland region, promoting adult Jewish education based on Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, as a guide for Jewish life.
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