Children’s Peace Poetry and Stories Festival

An invitation to the children of the world

Children and teens in Israel and of the world, from 6 to 18, are invited to write and submit up to 4 Poems, up to 30 lines long, or/and up to a 4-page story, on any aspect of Peace: World Peace, Peace between countries, or Peace in your own Life. You are also invited to send your Peace drawings and paintings. Please send your poems and stories in your own language and in English. The best poems and stories will be published in the book “Children’s Peace Poetry Festival”, that will be widely published on our websites, on Amazon and other places, throughout our Global Village. This beautiful book will show the power of children to bring about Peace in our world in our own time. Please sign the poems and stories with your first and family name, write your age, and the name of your country.

The submitted poems and stories should be sent to the Editors before November 30, 2018.  The book will be published in January 2019, on AMAZON.

Three Peace organizations are organizing this exciting and important Children’s Peace Book:

  • IFLAC: International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace – Ada Aharoni, Haifa, Israel
  • UNILETRAS: Joseph Berolo, Bogota, Colombia
  • PEACE TRAIN: Jeremy Seligson, Seoul, South Korea

Please send poems and stories in English by Email to the Editors:

And poems and stories in Spanish and Portuguese to Editor:

Dear Children, we are looking forward to receiving your poems, stories, drawings and paintings soon.

Thanks for your participation,

Best Greetings,

Ada Aharoni



  Ada Aharoni

Dear Children, you were born with loving hearts

And in them star-seeds of peace

You are the future, you are life,

You do not want to die in wars

Like some of your fathers and mothers


Smart children, armed

With smart-phones and computers

You will shoot your peace messages

All over the Middle East

All over our global village


Your rapid fingers will bring us

What we failed to bring you –

A world where not one gun is fired

A world where each child

Is a twinkling star of Peace

Well-fed and smiling at life.

About the Author
Professor Ada Aharoni is a writer and sociologist in the field of Conflict Resolution. She has published 33 books to date, that have received numerous prizes. She is the Founding President of IFLAC: International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace.