Henry Wilson

China Removes Israel from the Map

Since the dawn of human civilization, national borders have shifted according to the forces of military conquest, migratory patterns, and more recently, international agreements. Maps tell students of history and keen observers of contemporary events a compelling tale.

So, when Chinese Communist Party-controlled technology firms removed the State of Israel from their maps, the story of our world war and the solidifying alliances were made quite clear. As the Chinese Communist Party conducts a true genocide upon the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, they simulateously make use of their carefully concocted propaganda to convince Chinese and American youth that the Palestinians are the oppressed and the democratic nations of the west are the oppressors. This is in strict coordination with their decades-long Marxist propaganda that cynically over-simplifies the mechanisms of human society and the nuances of human nature.

Should we be surprised that China removed Israel from their digital maps? I think not. After all, they claim to control the entire South China Sea based upon ancient imperial notions and cling tightly to a conspiratorial, antisemitic strain of thought concerning control of the capitalist system. We must not forget that “the fish rots from the head”, and the brains behind the pro-terrorist online propaganda is the Chinese Communist Party. It is convenient for communist China to point the finger at us when we are merely defending ourselves from their genocidal tyranny. The Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of the United States & Israel.

We must immediately ban Confucius Institutes and TikTok if the United States, Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan are to win the hearts and minds of free-thinkers the world over. For it is in the heart and mind where victory begins.

About the Author
A political communications professional based in Washington, D.C. Henry Wilson is a proud American Jew & proponent of immediate mobilization against the forces of evil.