Chaim Y. Botwinick

“Chinuch Horizons” Podcast Takes Front and Center

“Inspiring”   “Thought-Provoking”   “Relevant”

These are just a few of the listener comments and reactions to Chinuch Horizons, a new weekly podcast designed specifically for Jewish day school and yeshiva leadership.

Created and hosted by Jewish educator and influencer, Dr. Chaim Botwinick, Chinuch Horizons is a progressive and engaging social media platform offering inspiring conversations and solutions to the growing variety of challenges facing our Jewish day school and yeshiva communities.

The concept of  Chinuch Horizons, according to Dr. Botwinick was “born out an unmet need to provide our listeners with a meaningful vehicle and platform that does not shy away from the critical issues and challenges facing this institution, but rather one which directly addresses those concerns, issues, challenges and opportunities that these institutions are facing.” It does not focus upon day school and yeshiva challenges as part of other somewhat  redundant podcast topics, but rather places this institution at the core, front and center of its content and programming agenda.

To date, Chinuch Horizons is up to its fifth episode and it is already creating a buzz in the community according to many listeners who are offering rave reviews.

What makes this podcast unique, is “its approach to grappling directly with day school and yeshiva realities and at the same time offering realistic, creative and bold viable solutions; it  inspires to push the day school and yeshiva envelop to its limits while maintaining a solid and transparent foundation, anchored in reality.”

Chinuch Horizons episodes range from interviews with world renown day school and yeshiva communal leaders and scholars, to topics such as”visions of the day school by the year 2050″  “strategic planning”, “the personnel crisis in our schools”, “students with special needs and  exceptionalities”, “instilling Torah values and derech eretz in our students”, “creative teacher recruitment and retention strategies”, “student discipline”, “the evolving leadership role of the head of school”,  “engaging parents effectively”  and ” models of school board leadership” – to  name a few.

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About the Author
Dr. Chaim Botwinick is a senior executive coach and an organizational consultant . He served as president and CEO of the central agency for Jewish education in Baltimore and in Miami; in addition to head of school and principal for several Jewish day schools and yeshivot. He has published and lectured extensively on topics relating to education, resource development, strategic planing and leadership development. Dr. Botwinick is Author of “Think Excellence: Harnessing Your Power to Succeed Beyond Greatness”, Brown Books, 2011