Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Iran’s attack was almost completely neutralized, and Israel’s public relations have improved tremendously.

We have a choice. We can attribute this success entirely to military technology.

Or we can attribute the success to G-d’s miraculous intervention, ensuring that the military efforts were successful.

Numerous factors came together. Israel killed Iranian commanders in a part of the Iranian consulate in Syria, which caused Iran to want to attack Israel. Reportedly Iran informed Saudi Arabia and the UAE of their plans, and they relayed this information to the U.S. and Israel, enabling them to be better prepared. According to news accounts, it was the first time that Arab nations collaborated with the West and with Israel to form a collective military defence against Iran.

Now world leaders are practically begging Israel to not attack Iran. Instead, many are offering to apply new sanctions against Iran. Last week Israel was at the bottom of the public relations scale, now they are at the top while Iran is at the bottom.

We have a choice. We can attribute the success entirely to military prowess and to the help of other nations. If we do so, then we put ourselves at the mercy of others. Consequently, instead of being in tune to our true security needs, we give in to what others want.

The other choice, is to recognize G-d’s miracles, and to be appreciative to Him for His kindness and benevolence. This choice enables us to be true to ourselves, our needs, and our Creator.

It’s our choice. Let’s choose wisely.

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