Christian Israelis Call Israel Racist . . . Really?

You call the reduced funding of your Christian semi-private schools in Israel racism? Surely you know that there are Jewish semi-private schools in Israel where parents also pay tuition for their kids to attend.Yet, in an article published on your website, The Christian Media Center, with no comments section that would provide a place to register disagreement, you advertise this kind of thing to the whole Christian world:

Director of Latin Patriarchate schools in Israel and Palestine
“We are defending the rights of Arab, Christians, Muslim and Druze children who attend our schools. We are suffering racial discrimination.

Surely you know that there are Jewish schools in Christian countries where parents cover the entire costs of running the schools whereas some Christian schools are funded by the state (such as Canada, for example – do you want to call Canada racist? No, I thought not.)

Surely you know that there are Jewish schools in Muslim countries . . . wait a second, no, I don’t think there are Jewish schools in Muslim countries anymore. Well, yes, about 600 kids attend Jewish school in Morocco today. And how many Jewish kids were in school in Morocco, Syria, Iraq, etc a few decades ago, before Jews were ethnically cleansed from those places? But Israel is the racist, eh?

Stooping to call the change in fee structure as racist is low. Fighting this is legitimate and sanctioned by the state. No need to engage in name-calling and slurs that have no basis in fact. Stick to the issues please.

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Sheri Oz, owner of, is a retired family therapist exploring mutual interactions between politics and Israeli society.
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