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Christian Nationalist Reawaken America Uses Antisemitic Image to Promote Tour

If you live in the United States, a Reawaken America conference is coming to a city near you. Reawaken America is a Christian Nationalist organization filling stadiums and mega-churches with thousands of enthusiastic Christians who embrace its mantra that Christianity in America is under attack and the nation must be taken back from evil people by any means necessary.

The organization was founded in early 2020 by Clay Clark, an Oklahoma talk show host and social influencer, and is currently led by Clark, former National Security Advisor under Trump, General Michael Flynn, and Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow. According to the Anti-Defamation League, Reawaken America is “a series of far-right conferences held across the United States featuring prominent QAnon influencers, anti-vcxx activists, election fraud conspiracy theorists, Christian pastors, political candidates, and elected officials.”

Reawaken America is on a moral crusade of sorts to make America a Christian nation. In a recent speech, Michael Flynn proclaimed, “You cannot preach the Bible without the United States Constitution. Period!” Flynn also stated, “So, if we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion, one nation under God, and one religion under God.” Apparently, Flynn wants to make Christianity the state religion by excluding all other religions—including Judaism. This is tyranny.

The latest stop on Reawaken America’s national tour was held last month at Trump’s National Doral resort in Miami. In this event, Michal Flynn fired up the crowd by saying, “If you haven’t figured it out yet, the evil we are facing will not give up until we (Christians) take over.” He also said, “The other side is an ideology that (does not have) faith, they don’t believe in God, they have no soul, they have no conscious. When we think about something, we go black-and-white, right-and-wrong, good-and-evil.”

Christian nationalists have always needed a nefarious character—an enemy representing evil they can blame for the problems of their time. Historically, the enemy of choice for Christian nationalists has been Jews, and Reawaken America seems to be following the playbook with precision.

The optics are troubling. To promote an upcoming August 2023 event in Las Vegas, Reawaken America uses an antisemitic image. The headline image on the organization’s website reminds me of a kickboxing poster, except in this case, it’s the righteous against the unrighteous—the saint against the sinner, the pure against the impure—angels fighting demons. In bold letters are the words in all caps: THE GREAT REAWAKENING VS THE GREAT RESET.

Pictured on the Great Reawakening side are six people, including the organization’s founder Clay Clark, Michael Flynn, and Mike Lindell, founder of My Pillow. Conspicuously positioned on the side of the “righteous” is a holy Bible. On the Great Reset side, there are also six individuals pictured: Klaus Schwab, founder of The World Economic Forum; Jewish Billionaire George Soros; Bill Gates, Jewish historian Yuval Noah Harari; Barack Obama, and Jewish entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. Also featured in this section is the cover of a book by WEF founder Klaus Schwab entitled COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET. Pictured here as well is a serpent.

The underlying message of the promotional poster is clear: The leaders of the GREAT REAWAKENING represent all that is holy, and the six leaders of the GREAT RESET represent all that is evil. It’s Bible-believing Christians against evil men who desire to reset the world to a new unchristian standard. If that optic is not troubling enough, it gets worse. Of the six people on the “evil” side, half are Jewish. So the ultimate message is obvious: Reawaken America is about Righteous Christians fighting evil Jews—the people Michael Flynn proclaims “don’t have faith, they don’t believe in God, they have no soul, they have no conscious.”

Maybe the antisemitic message in the poster was unintended—a drastic and unfortunate oversight of enormous proportions. I think otherwise because the image runs parallel with the Antisemitic verbal messaging of several leaders who are enthusiastically endorsed and promoted by Reawaken America and travel to the numerous events on the organization’s tour schedule where they are featured speakers.

One of the speakers in the Reawaken America line-up is Scott McKay, also known as “Patriot Street Fighter,” and he has a streaming program on Rumble. McKay has sympathized with Hitler because he was attempting to break “free of the Rothchild’s corrupt money-magic fiat system” and develop “a banking system for the people of the free world.” He has said that “Hitler was fighting the same people we’re trying to take down. These people are so elusive and slippery and cunning that we ended up having WWII.” The implication is that Jews caused the war. McKay also has said that the 9/11 terror attack was orchestrated by “the same group of people that has done a very good job at hiding under the religion of Judaism.” McKay draws from the ancient antisemitic myth of the blood libel when he proclaims Jews practice “satanism, child sacrifice—bleeding them out, torturing them, consuming them, eating their hearts.” If all this is not enough proof of Scott McKay’s dark antisemitic beliefs, he also says Jews planned and carried out the Oklahoma City bombing and were behind the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. It’s troubling Scott McKay’s dark antisemitism is able to draw thousands of Christians to a Reawaken America event.

Another popular speaker at the Reawaken America events is online Rumble personality, Charlie Ward. Ward consistently shares antisemitic posts like this one, “On this Memorial Day, please remember the sacrifices our soldiers make so that Jewish drug dealers can grow poppy plants in Afghanistan and control the worldwide Heroin supply.” Another post-Charlie promoted included a speech by Hitler and praised him for “warning us” about Judaism. He has also promoted a Holocaust denial book that claims “the official narrative of the Holocaust cannot be sustained.” Ward endorses the conspiracy theory that modern-day Jews are all part of a Khazarian Mafia and are attempting to control the entire world.

Another prominent speaker in the Reawaken America tour is pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee. In a May 7th, 2023 sermon, Locke proclaimed, “If the Jewish people are really God’s people, then how come all these centuries they’ve had so many problems, and there’s a curse upon them, and Hitler killed six million of them? And how come it took till 1948 to get back into their homeland, and why is there right now the threat of civil war this month in Israel? Why are they (Jews) having so much trouble if they really are the people of God?”

To answer these questions Locke draws from the old antisemitic accusation of deicide, “The religious people (Jews living at the time of Christ) declared a curse on themselves generationally. They said, ‘His blood be on us and our children’s children. And God said, okay, bucko, there ya go. And (Jews) have been in punishment and torment because they spoke that curse over themselves.” Pastor Greg Locke is one of the keynote speakers in the Reawaken America event in Las Vegas this coming August. Go figure.

The message of the Reawaken America promotional poster is clear: Christianity is in a religious war against an evil world empire controlled by Jewish billionaires, Jewish entrepreneurs, and Jewish academics. Reawaken founder Clay Clark has gone so far as to say that the Israeli historian from Hebrew University featured in the poster, Yuval Noah Harari, is quite possibly the anti-Christ mentioned in the New Testament book of Revelation.

Over the centuries, Christian nationalism has always led to violence. The more Christian piety is mixed with political nationalism—the more Jewish blood is spilled. Only time will tell how long before Reawaken America calls for violence against Jews. With its pattern of employing antisemitic images to promote events, pushing antisemitic conspiracy theories, and giving prominent speaking platforms to known antisemites, it might be sooner than later. Let’s hope this Christian Nationalist organization which is not in the least authentically Christian fades into oblivion before its ravenous appetite for revenge against Jews goes too far.

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Aaron David Fruh is a Research Fellow at The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) and the President of Israel Team Advocates, whose mission it is to change the growing anti-Israel narrative on college campuses. Aaron is the author of five books including The Casualty of Contempt: the alarming rise of Antisemitism and what can be done to stop it (editor), and Two Minute Warning: why it’s time to honor the Jewish people before the clock runs out. Aaron has written for The Jerusalem Post and The Algemeiner.
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