CITYarts Draws Kids To Peace

Tsipi Ben-Haim is a woman possessed with a mission to bring art to inner city youth. As the executive and artistic director of CITYarts, she has created 260 projects in 37 years in urban areas around the globe that bring people together to create murals and mosaics and unique “peace walls.”

At an awards dinner at the Ana Tzarev Gallery in Midtown, the Israeli-born dynamo told 300 supporters that her group has painted a peace wall in the Jacob Schiff Park at 138th St. and Amsterdam Ave. There is also a new one in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We now have a peace wall in Jaffa with Arab and Jewish kids working together,” she said. “They found something in common. If we can make it in Israel, we can make it everywhere.”

Tsipi presented an award, made by artistic children, to Amir Dossal, executive director of the United Nations Office of Partnerships.

“Art is the greatest equalizer,” Dossal said. “Tsipi actually brought together people like Israelis and Palestinians.”

Dossal introduced his fellow honoree, Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, who’s involved in fighting climate change as well as teaching art to children.

He called her “the Duchess of New York” and said she’s “a killer.”

“She’s a breath of fresh air at the United Nations. If we work together, we live better, and we’ll bring peace to the world.”

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