Kyle Zaldin

CJN- Time for A Change

After publishing an article written by Sterling Stutz, titled “We Should Be All on the Same Side”, I feel it is my obligation to speak out. It is about time that the staff at the Canadian Jewish News decide who’s side they’re on. By publishing this piece attacking Herut Canada and its supporters as they protested this event, the CJN is only furthering this divide within our community. Was Herut Canada 100% correct to protest this gathering? No, they were not. Could they have been doing more meaningful things, such as educating others on the dangers of anti-zionism and criticism of the Jewish people’s right to a homeland in Israel? Absolutely! Was it right for IfNotNow and Sterling Stutz to write about it on the basis of “Achdus, unity”, while simultaneously bashing a pro-Israel organization that’s become a pillar of our community? I certainly don’t think so. Even worse, was that the Canadian Jewish News published this Lashon Hara and baseless hatred!

Regardless of your opinion on the current Israeli government, increasing Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, or your personal political opinions, it’s pretty clear to me that this kind of response, written by Mr. Stutz, simply doesn’t do anything. The article itself doesn’t warrant a response. The facts are the facts; the author’s point of view and the way he saw the events are clear. All I can do is simply say that it is on the CJN as an institution to review their policy regarding these types of community events, and better edit articles to remove slander of community organizations, simply because the author disagrees with what they do. In these trying times, when antisemitism and anti-zionism are clearly on the rise, it is up to each and every one of us to say and do what we believe is right, but also to limit our criticism and slander of our own community. If something happened in the past, it’s old news. If you feel you need to, reach out to the organization in question and discuss your issues with them. The Canadian Jewish News should not be a place to re-hash old grievances. It should be a platform that represents the Canadian Jewish community. A community of hope, resilience, and most of all, pride in the Jewish religion, and love for the Jewish nation and the land of Israel.

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About the Author
Kyle Zaldin is a teenage Jewish writer from Thornhill, Ontario. Immersed in the Jewish Day School system since kindergarten at Associated Hebrew Schools, and now at TanenbaumCHAT, Jewish education has always been a big part of Kyle's life. A member of the NCSY Student Executive Board in Toronto, as well as the Aish Thornhill Community Shul, Kyle has continuously used his Jewish values to inspire others. Having grown up in a Conservative Shul until shortly after Bar Mitzvah, and later becoming more observant, he writes and delivers talks, speeches, and other Divrei Torah for Shul and other organizations with the goal of bringing the Jewish people together, regardless of levels of observance and prior knowledge.