Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Many things have become clear.

Giving away land is dangerous.

Unity is important. The Jewish people care about each other.

Putting terrorists in prison encourages kidnapping to trade for them. (Israel is now forced to trade prisoners for hostages.) Terrorists need to be eliminated.

Many left wing ideologues hate Jews. Many Jews are now realizing this.

Western governments are supporting Israel, and are cracking down on antisemitism. “The heart of a king is in the hand of G-d.”(Mishlei 21; 1)

Many soldiers are strengthening their Jewish identities. The heart of a Jew is eternally close to G-d.

We are seeing many miracles: The terrorists were headed to Jerusalem, but they stopped long enough for Israel to counter attack. The U.S. positioned aircraft carriers to protect Israel, and U.S. ships shot down missiles from Yemen heading to Israel. And despite backlash, the U.S. is endorsing Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas. Numerous governments are very focussed on protecting Jews. Numerous Arab governments are quietly supporting Israel’s campaign to eradicate Hamas. Recent heavy rains reportedly flooded tunnels in Gaza, killing terrorists and forcing terrorists to leave the tunnels and shoot from buildings, which Israel then bombed.

Many miracles are happening now, some which we see, others which we will realize.

There is clarity, seeing issues as they are, and seeing the hand of G-d.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe often quoted a verse from Daniel (12; 10) that in the times of Redemption, things “will be clarified, whitened, and many will be purified.” The Rebbe explained, that many things which had been concealed, will become revealed. And when that happens, we will be able to deal with everything in the right way.

The Jewish people now know, clearly, what we need to do.

Things have become very very clear.

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