Climate Change: US Embassy in Jerusalem

As a dual citizen living in southeastern Jerusalem such a move could greatly affect me. However, I don’t think it will – not for good or bad. I say this assuming that President Trump will act in a way that past presidents have promised to—but not have as they bowed to State Department pressure instead. Reason suggests that we withhold wagering on whether it will or won’t happen – unless you can get ‘great odds.’ ConjecturE”alternate facts” will follow.

Wouldn’t it benefit me to walk to Embassy instead of Consulate? No, they are functionaly th same and with the internet and ‘Fedex’ I needn’t set foot in either.

Wouldn’t such a move by US grant legitimacy to Israel’s sovereignty over ALL of Jerusalem? Perhaps, but when Israeli politicians themselves are wishy-washy on a united Jerusalem, US ‘involvement’ is irrelevant.

But what about the secondary/tertiary benefits to Jerusalemites?

Well, an influx of wealthy Americans snapping up newly built apartments in my neighborhood will also exacerbate/renew housing crunch and rising rental rates Jerusalemites are already experiencing. Although, while working for past employer I was hired to clean carpets of foreign ambassador’s residence and rewarded quite handsomely.

Surely, however, this will cause violent riots amongst from certain segments of cities residents?!? Well, frankly, this is something I’d like to dig a little deeper into.

Let’s compare the proposed-US-embassy move and the Temple Mount.

The former isn’t a holy site for any ethnic groups. The latter is a holy site for three Abrahamic religions.

The former would be protected/monitored by both Jews and Arabs; while the latter is protected by Israelis and monitored/maintained by Americans (most dual citizens of Israel/Jordan).

The former would simply be a target for attacks from outsider elements; while the latter regularly experiences violent outbursts from within.

The former would grant equal rights of entrance/use to all citizens; yet, the latter has a strictly enforced discrimination policy against Jewish citizens prohibiting equal use/entrance.

The Embassy/Consulate is an off-putting institution citizens seek to avoid “like the plague.” But the Temple Mount complex retains a very wide ‘attraction‘ for hundreds of thousands (if not millions, annually) of Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

In light of the above I am therefore ambivalent – at best – about such a move by the US. Similarly, I reject any proclamations of HUGE benefit or HUGE calamity a result of the anticipated ‘relocation’ of US embassy.

What continues to irk and confuse me is that Israeli/Jerusalem leadership continues to treat our capital city with avoidance rather than reverence. How come we allow government ministries to be based outside the capital? Why do our leaders continue to look to foreigners for support/approval? Shouldn’t we be embarrassed when we expect outsiders to join our train of support while simultaneously eroding our own claims of ownership?

Thanks as usual for reading, considering, sharing, and replying with challenges to my posts 🙂

About the Author
Nisan Hirsh is from Skokie, IL. He lives in Talpiyot. He's been fighting to Change the Climate by emitting dangerously high levels of CO2 into the blogosphere.