Climate Change: Vote for POTUS or VPOTUS

A post about American politics on an Israeli site is — in my opinion — often an anachronism. First, because if it discusses how a given candidate will be better — or at least as pro-Israel as — than the other vis-a-vis policy towards Israel I — as American — would ignore foreign interests when casting my ballot. Second, because if it seeks to address American sensibilities an Israeli site is not the most likely way to reach Americans.

That said, I will nonetheless venture to post here about American presidential politics.

Recent posts by activists for both Republican and Democratic candidates were posted here, and received rather astonishing attention.

I would like to raise a specific question about the Trump v Clinton race. I will not risk mentioning either Trump or Clinton’s disagreeable character traits or policy agenda. Both have deficiencies. My question, instead, is about either’s VP choice.

Given many previous examples of VPs succeeding POTUS mid-term, and given that more-often-than-not the VP is chosen to swing election rather than to succeed POTUS, the choice of VP is an important one.

For example, McCains choice of running mate harmed his electoral chances – though it’s unclear if that would’ve mattered for victory. The argument was: If the elderly McCain were unable to serve are voters ok voting for Gov Palin as POTUS?!? In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune back in 2008 this was a big deal.

So here’s my question: Who’s VP choice is most qualified to be president?

I would like to ignore any specific reason why either Trump or Clinton — if elected — would not finish their term. That way I can retain a serious focus on my question. Such restraint is not easy, but crucial to focusing on the question in the correct context. Obviously, we Americans will be casting our ballots for the president, not the VP.

Some of my thoughts:

I prefer an elected executive.

I prefer a person of high moral character.

I prefer someone who’s been forced to question their political agenda for betterment of county/state/country.

Based on my somewhat intimate contact with those on republican side of spectrum there is particularly solid regard for Gov Pence.

I’d like to hear from those with intimate contacts on Democrat side of spectrum and their opinion of Sen Kaine. Surely, with HRC’s very publicly scandalous herstory he, too, should be given serious scrutiny.

I’d also like to hear from people respond to the hypothetical scenario of either POTUS nominee having their VP succeed them mid-first-term.

True, people will vote for the top-of-the-ticket candidate, but based on 20% odds of VPs succeeding their POTUS midterm, it would not be prudent to ignore the VPOTUS choice when casting one’s ballot.

Thanks for reading and responding.

PS. Please try an refrain from asserting any reasons, hypotheticals, or specific thoughts as to why either candidate will not finish their term.

About the Author
Nisan Hirsh is from Skokie, IL. He lives in Talpiyot. He's been fighting to Change the Climate by emitting dangerously high levels of CO2 into the blogosphere.