Closer to ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden

Ideologically, Joseph R. Biden stands in a compromise position within the Democratic Party. Analysts and experts call it “center-left,” as a mediator between “far left” and “liberal democrats.” In the far left is Bernie Sander, who is often referred to by the term “Bernie Socialist Democrat’s camp,” but as usual, by Donald Trump is called the “Crazy Bernie.” And on the opposite side are the Clinton followers, often referred to as the “Clintonian Liberal Wing.” And Joe Biden is in the middle.

Such a position is a compromise ideological position that existed in post-World War II Europe. Reluctant to approach fascism and lazy to be part of the Soviet-style communist revolutionary movement. In Europe, it is called “Cristian Democrat”. To cite some examples in Europe, there are Konrad Adenauer, Alcide De Gasperi, and Robert Schuman. Today’s approach is Angela Merkel in Germany and Ursula Von der Leyen at the European Union’s Parliament and Commission.

Much to the extent of the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in his “Third Way” style, which prioritizes family. So don’t be surprised if at the DNC (Democrat National Committee) a few months ago, the words “family” pretty much emerged from the mouths of the democratic party leaders who gave testimonies. Apart from Jill Biden, the last one was Kamala who very much used the word “family” as a starting point or basis for Joe Biden’s future policy plans.

Usually, the one in the “middle” is less attractive on stage, less fiery, because they like looking safe. Less “crazy” for a spectacle. It is said that it is suitable for vice president. Because of that, Biden managed to become Obama’s representative for 8 years. Likewise with Mike Pence, Trump’s vice president. Pence is an original republican, while Trump is in the “far right” category, a super contrast version of the “far left” Bernie Sander. Mike Pence is a Christian republican, as a counterweight to Trump. Therefore, Pence is anti LGBT, anti abortion, and anti Big Government.

Like hearing a professor in front of the class, that’s Joe Biden. Apparently, because it is also called “sleepy Joe” by Donald Trump. Joe is indeed a doctor, just like his second wife Jill Biden who has a doctorate in education. Second wife? Yes, his first wife and daughter died in an accident, in the early days of Biden as a senator. Finally, in 2015 his first son died, of the same disease as his close Republican friend (brain cancer), John McCain, who died in 2018.

So predictably, if Joe Biden becomes president, then we will return to the Obama era. Analysts say, Obamaism without Obama. International liberal order, NATO, climate change, social and health security, relaxed immigration policies, high taxes, etc. In essence, big government. Scientifically and intellectually, it is certainly interesting and looks shining. But presented on stage by a Biden-style Christian Democrat,  according to a friend, “kind of boring.” Therefore, Biden needs a spirit from Kamala, who is considered to be able to battle Donald Trump’s aggressiveness. Reacting to that, Trump immediately labeled Kamala with the term “Nasty Kamala”

Yes, why Kamala? Because Kamala is being prepared to run as a Democratic Party Presidential Candidate in 2024. Joe has promised only one term to become president if elected. In Biden’s terms, he would be the “generational bridge” in the Democratic party. Kamala is a young plus louder Senator, a former lawyer, a fierce former attorney general for the California. Kamala is the figure of Obama in female genitals. He is considered suitable to match Joe Biden who tends to play it safe and is also suitable to replace Biden in 2024

So, with a position that is actually fit to be a “softener” of a president, like Mike Pence to Trump, Biden is almost certainly at a loss to face “dog fighting” with Trump on stage. And evidently, in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump showered Joe Biden with interruptions. Even Trump argued with the moderator, Criss Wallace.

But Joe Biden is a persistent and unyielding figure. Biden struggled to keep up with Donald Trump’s aggressiveness in both debates for the presidential candidate. This spirit is very understandable considering that Joe Biden, from a young age, has fought against people who have a character like Donald Trump. In retrospect, as a child, Joe Biden experienced symptoms of difficulty speaking, so since entering a Catholic school in Delaware, Biden had been walking from one bully to another, both from teachers and seniors. So without a doubt, Biden is quite used to a competitor as tough as Donald Trump.

Growing up in a family that was in economic disarray, Biden had to negotiate a lot to stay afloat and climb the ladder. Biden fought against the toughness of one-sided vision of his environment with a very hard struggle, striving to improve constantly and striving to make all pressure from outside a challenge to be faced, not abandoned.

Until finally, to fought against this increasingly harsh environment, Biden entered the world of politics, entered the US senatorial contest, after successfully sitting in the local parliament. Unmitigated, at a very young age, 29 years, Biden challenged the incumbent who was also a close friend of President Nixon at that time, Caleb Boggs, twice as governor and twice as a senator. Of course it was not easy to imagine how Biden’s choice to challenge himself was a truly difficult choice. Capitalized on his admiration for Kennedy and his closeness to the black community, Biden met the right moment, namely the moment of the struggle for civil rights in America in the 1970s.

Without a political family background and big name background, Biden moved from one community to another in Delaware, especially the black community. He greeted and hugged everyone he met. In addition to the power of empathy, handshakes and hugs even later become his main weapons in gaining a lot of sympathy. On the way, Biden was confronted with a plagiarism case, once in his oral speech, which was taken from Niel Pinnok’s lecture. But unlike Donald Trump, Biden’s reaction was gentler and more political. Biden apologized to the public saying that he “didn’t know” that it was plagiarism and continued his struggle. This is one of the characters who described Joe Biden’s motto when he comes up to challenge Donald Trump, “Build Back Better.” If there are mistakes in the past, let’s forget them and then fix them. That’s the point. As a result, Caleb Boggs had to admit Joe Biden’s persistence. Caleb narrowly lost and Biden walked into the Senate.

But unfortunately, his wife and children were hit by an accident before he was sworn in as a member of the Senate. Neila Biden and her children had a traffic accident. They crashed into a truck, which killed Neila and Naomi Biden. Meanwhile, Beau and Hunter Biden, recorded injuries. Biden had to get back to his “deal” with the situation. He became both senator and single father. Before finally meeting Jill Biden, his second wife, to this day.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Biden also had time to prepare to run as a presidential candidate, although he ultimately failed halfway. At that time, Biden was also hit by the issue of plagiarism in his dissertation at Syracuse University. And Biden reacted the same way, apologized and made the excuse of “not knowing it”. But his steps were stopped and he had to admit Bill Clinton’s superiority. Until finally elected by Obama in 2008 as a vice presidential candidate.

And now, in 2020, Joseph Robinette (Joe) Biden is back on stage. At the age of 78, Biden will become America’s oldest president after the inauguration of January 20, 2021. I can very well imagine how joyful mixed with sadness and pain felt by Joe Biden when he defeated Donald Trump. Because in fact, he hopes that the late Beau Biden is in his position today.

Beau is the eldest son, Hunter Biden’s older brother, who was willing to leave his position as district attorney in Delaware to fight for Iraq, then came home with brain cancer, and died in 2015, which was the main reason Joe Biden did not attend the democrat party presidential candidate convention in 2015. Beau and Hunter, Senator Biden’s two sons, survived a deadly Christmas accident, the day before Joe Biden was sworn in as senator for the first time.

A series of bitterness experienced in his life, made Biden truly believe that the line of fate, not entirely in our own hands, but also in God’s hands. Biden persists with his unwavering faith and strong empathy for others, to this day. And also, Biden lives a simple life, choosing to take the train every weekday from Delaware to Washington, and vice versa, shamelessly and humbly, while he was a senator.

Politically, Biden became Obama’s mainstay for eight years, to negotiate with the senate, especially to thwart important policies, considering that Obama had no experiences in the American Senate (federal). So if the Democrats fail to win two seats in the Georgia senate election on January 5, then Joe’s ability to negotiate will be tested again. The good news is that Joe is different from Obama in Mitch McConnell’s eyes. The two of them can still work together.

About the Author
An International Political Economy and Strategic Analyst, A Senior Fellow for Indonesia Strategic and Economic Action Institution