“Closing Distances”, collective exhibition at Florentine 45

From time immemorial, art met nature, seeking to replicate it, to imitate it, to improve it. “Art is man added to nature”, said Francis Bacon. The daily exclusion of nature from the everyday environment has led to a consequent change in the approach to its discovery. The exclusive link between the artist and one of his favorite models is copied in the contemporary world by the artificial and synthetic.

Ela Barsky
Dorit Teichman
Dorit Teichman

Hannah Dilian, Ela Barsky, Dorit Teichman and Yoav Admoni, the artists presented in this new exhibition “Closing Distances” at the Florentin 45 gallery (www.florentin45.com ), are interested in the creative process by the interaction between the landscape texture and the inner character of nature, while fighting a certain internal tension and different meanings. Essentially, nature unveils itself and allows the eye and the hand of man to apprehend, while remaining untouchable, infinite; the mystery remains unsolved, whether in painting, sculpture or video art. The correspondence between the works in this defined and enclosed space accentuates this contradiction game. The relationship between man and nature in the creative process, according to the techniques and representation, may be marked by alienation and detachment, while the main work is precisely the attempt to integrate the image of a person in that of nature; as an alternative to being present in the middle of nature, sometimes even by using intermediate technology that can help creating images of nature directly in between the two of them.

Hannah Dilian
Hannah Dilian
Yoav Admoni
Yoav Admoni

Florentin 45
Florentin street 45t, Florentin, Tel Aviv
Phone: 050-276-3249
Introduction: May 21, 2016, at 11:00 AM
Closing: May 28, 2016

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