CNN Anchor Justifies Murder of Israeli Civilians

Ashleigh Banfield, a CNN anchor, in an interview with Alan Dershowitz, advocates for the Hamas position that all Israelis are legitimate targets for death because all Israelis are, were or will be soldiers so there is no difference between soldiers and civilians. That portion of the interview can be viewed at Algemeiner.

This is to say that Israelis have no right to defend the State of Israel. That means that Israel has no right to defend itself; that the Jewish people, unlike all other peoples of the world, has no right to self-determination, no right to a state of its own. That is the declared position of all Arab countries and all Islamic terrorist organizations but it does not stop there.

Hamas actually declares as its purpose to kill every Jew in the world. It declares this in its charter, its most fundamental mission statement. To say, as Ashleigh Banfield has said, that every Israeli is a legitimate target for slaughter because Israel has a law making every Israeli theoretically obligated to serve in the military, is to declare that Jews have no right to a state that will defend them, meaning no right to exist.

Ashleigh Banfield has effectively declared “death to the Jews” as clearly as if she used those words. If CNN does not fire her immediately, then CNN will have legitimated that position and added its voice to the call for renewal of the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

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About the Author
Ya'akov has practiced law in New York, California and Israel for a multi-national clientele including Israeli NGO's. He was a professor of law in the US and has contributed numerous opinion pieces to various media outlets.