College Demonstrations Today Are Pure Evil

I, too, took over Columbia buildings in 1968 and 1969. It was much different then than it is now.

Then we were pot smokin’, free lovin’, peaceniks. The Vietnam war was fought by a conscripted American army. It didn’t take much of an Ivy League, critical thinking, decision-making mind to choose between getting high, copulating, and satisfying the munchies or sit in a cold wet rice paddy, holding a gun, and avoiding threats to life and limb. So for a year and a half we “radicals” took over buildings and created havoc.

You know, standards need to be set by the wise, sage, and learned. Many of the Presidents at these Universities are too afraid, of what I don’t know, to punish violations of existing community standards. This is a moral failure. If they won’t do it. Who will? And that’s why calls for their resignations are quite reasonable not to mention why alumni get upset and pull their donations. If there are no penalties for breaking the law, chaos ensues. Duh! An educational institution is there for orderly instruction not chaotic propaganda.

In my day the chants were “Peace not War,” and “Make Love Not War,” tie-dyes, bell bottoms, and peace signs. We actually loved America but we didn’t want to be dead. Now in this day the chants are “Death To Israel,” “From The River To The Sea,” and “Stop Israeli Genocide,” masked faces and black clothing. These are genocidal slogans by a different breed of people who obviously hate America. They take down American flags and replace them with Palestinian flags. They are pretty clear as to where their affinities lie.

When we protested we were crying, “Please don’t send me to war.” The protesters now are crying, “Kill every Jew.” Huge difference. How anyone, student or agitator, can support this ideology is beyond my pay grade.

There is one similarity between the students then and now: none of us really wanted to be in school and today, I believe, the same thing is true of the student protesters. So expel them already! They are the ones who hate their current academic lifestyle, in my opinion, otherwise they wouldn’t be engaged in such a loathsome effort.

I’m not hearing any mention of peace from those demonstrating today. All that Israel wants is peace. Hamas wants Israel liquidated. The current demonstrations are clearly taking the side of human liquidation. It’s nothing short of pure evil.

When we took over Columbia buildings there were usually 3 or 4 older men leading us, not students. We now know that many in the demonstrations are not students but outsiders. We naive students of the 60’s involved ourselves in “rap sessions” learning about colonialism, communism, and other “isms.” Today it’s the same format (zionism).

During these Columbia rap sessions I was amazed at how easily the leaders could pull up facts to prove their points. One day I asked one of them how they did it. He responded, “Most of the time we just make up the facts.” The lying ends justify the means.

And so it is now. Take for instance “genocide,” seemingly the demonstrator’s rallying point. Genocide is defined as “the intentional destruction of a people in whole or in part.” Gaza’s population has grown 35% in the past decade. If the Israelis are committing genocide they are doing a lousy job of it. They are not committing genocide. They are destroying the political actors who want to commit genocide against them!

Yes, there is “collateral damage” where innocent civilians perish but I challenge the protesters to tell me what military action in all of history has taken more care than the Israelis to limit collateral damage.

The current protesters never seem to mention October 7th or the hostages. Aren’t those facts a crucial part of this issue or are we just supposed to conveniently ignore them to prove their case? There are videos that show exactly what Hamas did. If the protesters ever saw those videos they would hurl their lunch and be forever haunted. These were deliberate, intentional, barbaric acts against civilians of all ages and certainly NOT collateral damage.

This group of demonstrators is solidly Anti-American. Why those people in power tolerate their protestations and hate speech is beyond me. Arrest, convict, and incarcerate or deport them. Problem solved. Some college Presidents have ordered arrests and the clearing of the tespassers. But the reality is they won’t be convicted of anything and they certainly won’t be incarcerated or deported.

Throughout world history from the beginning of Man on earth “Might Makes Right,” Paganism, has ruled. And it’s certainly not gone today, it’s quite real, and you can see it everywhere. Each country has it’s own ruling elite who do whatever they want and leave everyone else powerless.

The problem is that Abraham and Moses came along a few millennia ago and offered a different option to Might Makes Right: The 10 Commandments. “Do Not Murder,” “Love Thy Neighbor,” and other powerful suggestions were meant to improve life on earth, principles that created a more peaceful, a more civil, society. The Jews brought it down into the earth and Christians spread it everywhere.

But, the Might Makes Right crowd doesn’t like this alternative option because it drains their power and wealth, having no restrictions or guardrails is lots of fun especially for the mightiest, and so it becomes their reason for living.

These present day pagans like to do whatever they want because it feels good: murder (war), sexual deviancy (rape), theft (graft), etc. It’s all still here today. It’s the classic war between Good and Evil. You can’t be a little bit Might Makes Right and a little bit 10 Commandments. If you attend synagogue weekly it’s hard to tell even a little lie. If you don’t respect a higher power it’s quite easy to tell very big lies. Since there is no source for morality anything goes and civil society becomes less civil.

Which side are you on?

I believe the current demonstrations are an example of this paganism where lying (exaggerating or omitting inconvenient truths), stealing (trespassing on private property), coveting (wanting the whole land of Israel for themselves), are the end goals. It’s likely violence is not far behind.

Since Abraham and Moses the Jews have been slaughtered by pagans just about every 70-100 years. And yet the Jews always come back. Now is the first time in History that the Israelis have the wherewithal to successfully defend themselves. And they will, regardless of what other countries and protesters say or do.

Christians have chosen the option of the Ten Commandments as a moral alternative to Might Makes Right and that’s why they are being slaughtered around the world today. It’s disgusting.

Some college Presidents are frozen in fear of this show of Might by the protesters. But it’s just a paper tiger. It’s your private property. If they don’t respect you, why should you respect them. They curse you and you tolerate their calls for genocide against the Jews. Where’s your Ivy League, critical thinking, decision-making mind?

The Judeo-Christian paradigm, The Ten Commandments, is the solid rock that created the United States. People who understand this ethical foundation of our country are the ones who get upset when our flag is disrespected. We are not perfect but in all of human history we’ve created a civil society that has brought more peace and wealth to more people everywhere.

Every day each of us should be asking ourselves, “Is what I’m doing right now supported by Might Makes Right or the 10 Commandments?” And those that are choosing the latter are making a better world for us all.

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