Yakov Saacks

Colleges Are Failing Our Kids & Country

I write this with a heavy heart. My own kids are currently enrolled in college seeking higher education. Thankfully, they are in colleges that are marked safe for a Jewish student to attend, which unfortunately is not true of so many of our country’s institutes of higher learning. In fact, it seems the more prestigious they are, the more of a risk it is to send our kids there. The Ivy League schools have turned poisonous and toxic.

The recent testimony of three presidents of poisonous Ivy schools should be an eye opener to every parent in the country and not just the Jewish ones. You see, for whatever reason, Jews, like Israel, are canaries in a coal mine. In other words, the hate may start with the Jewish students, but it will most definitely not end there. I am old enough to remember the spate of aircraft hijackings that took place in the 70’s. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) hijacked plane after plane for political awareness to highlight the plight of the Palestinians. This led to copycat hijackings at such a rapid pace that there was an average of one plane a week hijacked in the U.S. alone. What started with Israel ended up being the world’s problem. Terrorism may have started in Israel but clearly did not end there. Last week I had to take my shoes off at JFK because of the insanity. On and on.

The irony is great. The very same halls that offer pure wisdom also offer pure hate, which is the complete antithesis of wisdom. It is extremely difficult to witness the rapid fall of our greatest institutions. They are literally collapsing into an immoral abyss which will be extremely difficult to climb out of. The saddest thing of all for me is to see the hypocrisy and the immorality of our leaders at these so-called higher institutions of learning. If the three aforementioned presidents would have been asked about the civil rights of any other group that was not Jewish, they would have been extremely outspoken against such vile speech. They would have responded with alarm and sincerity that they utterly condemn this type of rhetoric. Sadly, when it came to the Jew, they argued context even when pushed to the wall. Such distasteful people. Thank the cosmos that the president of UPenn resigned. At least some justice was served. For Harvard University to defend its president Claudine Gay is nothing short of a modern-day Kristallnacht where Jews were trampled on with nary a peep. Harvard should lose every Jewish dollar and every dollar funded by our government. These people are not fit to serve and most definitely not fit to defend. Harvard sticking to their guns!! Standing by her!! Reprehensible and unforgivable. She and the other beauty from MIT should be sent packing post haste.

The silver lining in all this is that my peers, constituents and students have opened their eyes. These universities are no longer held in high esteem. The Harvard, Cornell, UPenn and MIT worship has been lessened to a great degree. They and the other higher institutes of higher hate are no longer idols to be worshipped. People have begun to wake up and take notice that these idols, just like the idols depicted in Biblical times, have ears but cannot hear and eyes that cannot see. They have been exposed as spineless and selective with a tremendous lack of common sense and completely skewed when it comes to any moral compass.

I urge you to not send your children to any college or university that simply does not care about your child’s wellbeing. Colleges are supposed to be a safe way to plumb the depths of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. If your child must lock themselves in the school cafeteria because of an ignorant mob who has no clue what from the river to the sea even means, then you need to get your child the hell out of there, and then you must sue the college for the torture, trauma and violation of your child’s civil rights.

I pray for better days. I am not optimistic though. When anti-Semitism is debated in context, we are in deep trouble because as I wrote earlier, “context” will be coming for the rest of us as well in very bad ways.

Humbled by the insanity.

About the Author
Rabbi Yakov Saacks is the founder and director of The Chai Center, Dix Hills, NY. The Chai Center has been nicknamed by some as New York's most Unorthodox Orthodox Center.