“Coming to you from an undisclosed Location…”

Looking for sounds to soothe your soul? Check out Radio Free Nachlaot, available online 24/6, with quality rock & roll, Jewish and Israeli music, and inspiring talk  – minus any news or politics to spoil the vibe.

Radio Free Nachlaot is the musical love child of Steve Levine and Lorelai Kude, two friends who met soon after each made aliyah back in 2007.

They connected over a shared love of both music and Judaism; Steve’s a musician and Lorelai a communicator and social media whiz. Laughingly referring to themselves as kosher hippies, or “khippies,” they founded the non-commercial station in 2009 and have been playing quality rock music ever since.

Nachlaot: Not just a neighborhood; a state of mind. That’s the station’s slogan, and its essence. The Nachlaot state of mind is both local and global. Locally, Radio Free Nachlaot provides a platform for musicians every Tuesday evening at 7 PM in “The Homegrown Hour.” They also program “Sunday Night Live”, which has featured well-known Anglo-Israeli musicians such as Lazar Lloyd and Yehuda Katz. They get out of the studio to bring music from remote locations, including Moshav Modiin’s music festival, Tsfat’s Klezmer festival, and Jerusalem’s Yellow Submarine. We can look forward to hearing even more live performances soon: Steve, a pianist, is organizing a new band, with mandolin, bass, cello and guitar.

The international audience, listening in 92 countries, is pleased to hear Grateful Dead concerts that are aired overnight. About 40% of the listeners are located in Israel, and the rest are in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.

The Nachlaot state of mind would not be complete without Jewish talk: Lorelai interviews guests in a regular feature called Heart to Heart with Lorelai. Teachers and rabbis are invited to share their Torah teachings in the station’s signature easygoing manner.

You can listen to them your way – via webpage, apps, and tunein radio. They’re on Facebook, too.

A Jerusalem gem, Radio Free Nachlaot is always there for you.

About the Author
Renee Garfinkel, Ph.D. is a psychologist, radio host and writer for various publications, including The Washington Times and Psychology Today. She lives in Jerusalem and can be reached at CultureCafeStories@gmail.com
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