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Confederation now!

The Two States One Homeland movement calls on Israelis and Palestinians to work together, as one large dysfunctional family

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not in two states or in one state, but in a political structure that is the combination of those two models.

That is the theory behind the Two States One Homeland movement.

Our destinies in this holy land are intertwined. There will be no divorce. We need to see this as an inheritance dispute — another messy family conflict, but one that recognizes that we are all in this together as one (dysfunctional) family. Neither side is going to disappear.

There is a narcissistic megalomaniac who only cares about himself sitting in the White House who believes he (and only he) can make the “ultimate deal.” Do we really want to take that risk? The man is a sociopath. We can’t just wait for his son-in-law or his lawyer to try to fix our situation.

It is up to us as Palestinians and Israelis to come to an agreement. We need to stop waiting for the international community to solve our problems. And do we seriously want Donald Trump to take credit for whatever “deal” he has in mind? (He doesn’t have the foggiest clue about what is going on in our region).

My Palestinian contacts tell me that if Israel were to propose a deal along the lines of the Two States One Homeland model, where they would receive independence, freedom of movement and civil rights, that they would accept it. They would even be willing to leave the settlements in place in exchange for a fair and just deal on the issue of refugees. What are we waiting for? It is up to us to convince the Israeli political leaders to get on board with this movement. It can be done. Remember, we live in the land where “if you will it, it is no dream.” We must have grassroots people on the ground making peace (the real “anti-normalization,” as what is “normal” is hating each other), but we also need to be thinking globally and politically. Again, this is not a dream; it is possible to make this happen.

We don’t have time to waste. Syria has already fallen apart, and no one knows what else is going to happen in this region.

I have also argued for utilizing Abraham/Ibrahim as a political unifying symbol in this holy land. God made this land famous through him. Perhaps if we come back to the realization that we are all children of Abraham, the bloodshed will stop. What we are witnessing is a moral crisis for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all of humanity.

We need to be thinking about appropriate political structures and symbols. That is the way out of this mess.

The model is there. Basically, what is stopping us from moving forward is money. The movement has refused (nobly, in my opinion) to take money from foreign governments, so as not to be viewed as agents of other states. The movement is dependent on private donations and membership fees.

What if I told you we could resolve the conflict, but money is the only thing standing in our way? Think of all the money spent on Hasbara on one side and BDS on the other. Peace is possible, but we need to “sell it” to the people. That takes cash. Once our movement reaches a critical mass, the political movers and shakers will have to take notice.

These are my personal opinions and not those of the movement’s leadership. But I believe that they would support such a call to action. Please consider donating and becoming a member of our movement TODAY.

What are we waiting for?

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Yoel Oz is the co-founder of the Abrahamic Movement. He served as an Orthodox rabbi and educator in the Washington, DC metro area for five years. He studied at Cornell and Yeshiva Universities and Yeshivat Hamivtar and Yeshivat Rabbenu Yitzchak Elchanan. He currently resides with his wife and daughter in a suburb of Tel Aviv.
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