#‎confessionofobsession I have a confession…I am confessing to what has become an obsession…actually there are a few candidates that vie for the title BF BFF and BBFFF(bestest best fabulous friend forever).I know you’re guilty of the same though. Don’t even attempt to deny. Namely in no order of preference, my iPad, my iPhone and my hp.they are all guilty of stealing my days and wiling away my hours irrespective whether day has dawned or night has fallen. children calling for attention don’t get a deserved look in…Libby must learn to wipe her own bottom. I have some really important video footage about a newly discovered terror tunnel to view, and a really heart wrenching funeral to virtually attend. children need to understand!! dinners are made up of pasta and pizza. Healthy enough…of course Kellogg’s works a treat too…who said cereals are just for breakfast? we meet and greet each other with hugs. we ask each other ‘how are you?’. we look each other in the eyes, shrug, say something to the effect of yeah-you-know, knowing without a shadow of doubt that we are all feeling shell pun intended. And rather numb. then some sub conscious competitive streak lurches forward and we all talk over each other about the various clips we have all seen.’Oh did you see the one with…’ did you hear what Obama said? the FAA are a disgrace. Did you believe the YouTube or do you think it was dubbed? was that footage real? did you see what’s going on in Paris? did you see what’s going on in Belgium? giving way to the evidence that we have all become news junkies!. to the point of obsession. while simultaneously quenching our thirst for regurgitated coverage, everyone is looking to do something that will make them feel useful. but the truth is, whatever good we do, however many pairs of pink pants we send to our soldiers in the hope of giving them a laugh. However many challas we bake and send to chayallim,,there is a permanent numb and dull feeling that permeates our day to day routines. the only ‘thing’ I feel like doing is being connected.YWN, arutz7, The Times, Daily Telegraph, CNN, YouTube, FB.,.my life seems to be on pause. Permanent pause. Everything seems to be an interruption to my obsession for news. being the analytical person that I am, I have of course analyzed it and come up with a reasonable theory to my obsession… I think I am waiting to hear the news that it’s all I am on pause waiting for that to happen. and meanwhile whilst I feed my obsession with learning facts about my homeland, arming myself with knowledge to write to this minister and that supermarket, and my screens transmitting the elixir I am craving to feed my obsession, I find myself falling in love over and over with my heroes.. those fighting for me and those who have sacrificed their lives to give me and my people a place to live freely. I find myself sobbing to anyone of my three besties, at any given time with no prior warning, whichever one I am connected to at the time decides to share with me(cos BF BFF and BBFFF share stuff) another piece of heart wrenching material that my brain just cannot possibly store long term, for fear of a brain explosion/implosion! And on the occasions that I am being torn away from my BF BFF BBFFF to do mundane trivial things like shopping for food or doing an activity with the kids, I just can’t begin to describe the joy at the sight of a traffic light just turned red!

About the Author
Born and bred in Manchester, to the parents of Moroccan immigrants. Educated in Manchester with a two year stint in Aix Les Bains. Trained as a 'sheitel macher' in Antwerp for six months Worked in sheitels for 27 years. Am a mother of six children, 23, 19, 17, 15, 9 and the youngest 4 who was born here. I made Aliya in October 2009. It has taken time, but I am now definitely Home.